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Here at Amboseli foods, our goal is to spice up how you eat with bold, mouth-watering flavors that make meals more enjoyable – some surprising, some comforting, and all instantly recognizable. With our products, you can eat well, stay healthy without sacrificing flavor, and be creative in the kitchen without adding stress to your life.

Layton, Utah, is the home of Amboseli Foods, a niche specialty food manufacturer. Spices, seasonings, and condiments inspired by international cuisines are our specialty. Our services include private labeling, co-packing, and blending. USimplySeason and USimplySpice are the brands under which we offer our products.

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Fabulous customer service and some really unusual blends.” – Sarah Donoghue, Facebook Review

Their Aleppo Marash has a subtle smoky heat. This goes well with pretty much everything, I’ve even used it it some of my sweet concoctions! It is a little pricey but it adds great flavor to dishes without overwhelming them. This is a blend of 2 peppers. I was looking for Aleppo, but this is what I found. I enjoy it but wonder if there’s much difference between this & straight Aleppo. Would recommend though!” Samantha, Amazon Review

They make a good quality sumac spice. Some say it tastes like “citrus”, but it’s more like what I’d imagine a smoked raspberry powder to be; tart, bright, but also a little bit smoky and earthy on the finish, without as much sour lingering compared to lemon. It makes a great tea, or a seasoning for chicken or fish, and you can even use a few grams to infuse vodka for something that resembles the flavor of a cosmopolitan. I also like the to use it in place of salt. Overall a versatile and tasty, but under-used, ingredient.” Brian, Amazon Review

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320 W 1550 N STE L, Layton, Utah 84041, United States
Owner Information
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Sylvia Kapsandoy
CEO / Owner

In celebration of flavors from around the world, USimplySeason was founded. Our founder Sylvia is inspired by her childhood memories of watching her mother cook with local herbs and spices. Each of our artisanal blends pays homage to herbs and spices as the heart and soul of every dish – whether simmered in the pot or sprinkled over the plate to add a punch of flavor and color. We do everything as a company and our brands out of love and gratitude for the food we eat. As we work toward becoming the industry’s leading manufacturer of custom spices and seasonings for retailers, wholesalers, and publishers, we’ll stay true to our values of integrity, accountability, and creativity. By innovating and simplifying, we’ll spice up your kitchen and make your life easier.

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