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Freeze Dried Treats

Base Camp Treats mission is to help you develop a new EXPERIENCE, gather people together and create memories to last a lifetime.
Are you tired of your snacks becoming smashed, sticky or gooey? We have the solution: freezed-dried treats. Our traditional and signature treats are packable and convenient without sacrificing quality flavor.

Our freeze drying process causes our treats to change in size, flavor and texture. The sugar molecules expand causing our treats to expand and melt in your mouth. Individuals with dentures, braces or other tooth sensitivities can enjoy their favorites again. Enjoy our a wide variety of sweet and savory treats from traditional candies to signature treats like dill pickle chips or roasted s’mores. Check our website frequently for seasonal treats.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Smith & Edwards – Ogden & West Jordan
  • The Valley Market – Eden
  • Weber State University Bookstores – Ogden & Layton
  • First Lift Coffee – Huntsville
  • The Nut Garden – Bluffdale
  • MoFaco – St. George
  • Rainbow Gardens – Ogden
  • Over The Counter Cafe – Salt Lake City
  • DeTours (Seasonal) – Huntsville


The treats were awesome! I’ve had freeze-dried taffy before, but these ones were enormous! We loved it. High quality packaging and good response time. I am happy to support a local small business, too. Definitely will order from them again.” – Becky Davis, Facebook

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24th Street, Ogden, Utah 84401, United States
Owner Information
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Melissa Nehring

In 2021 our household lost an income, I gave birth to our third baby and our home was damaged by hurricane force winds. On top of that, I was swimming in deep waters of postpartum depression and anxiety and were struggling to make it to Christmas financially.

I was coping with freeze drying in my basement kitchen, thinking, at least we’ll have food. We hit a breaking point and wanted to do something to get our family out of this thick mess. One day my husband showed me a video of freeze dried candy, I thought it was so silly but we gave it a try! We had a camping trip planned that weekend so I took our treats with us and as we were on the trail; I noticed how easy it was to pack and how the treats didn’t melt or get sticky so my mind opened to the possibilities!

I started to take our treats to family gatherings, shared them with friends, and made neighbor gifts. The feedback was incredible! I’ll never forget the moment when I saw the faces in aww, smiling, laughing and the organic way my treats brought people together. How rare a moment that was; to watch people try something new for the first time gathered together. This, this right here sparked joy in me! I felt the spirit tell me, “This is how you serve, heres a gift, use it!”

The blessings poured in from there! We gave our kids the most amazing Christmas, made our first TV appearances and attended many markets and special events. We grew fast! I was finding myself coming out of the depths of PPD and finding purpose again. I saw God’s hand in it all, every detail. I see how my treats are the TOOL to bring joint peoples lives and to serve.

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