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Handcrafted Spice Blends and Masalas

Welcome to Deolicious and Spice Symphony, a small female-owned business. We are based in Utah and make handcrafted spice blends and masalas. All our spice blends and masalas are created after cleaning and gently hand roasting every spice individually. These spices are then mixed in different proportions to create a layering of different flavors. The spices are then ground and packed to seal in the fresh flavors.

All the spice blends and masalas retain their best flavor for 2-3 months at their peak level, but hold their flavor up to one year. Our spice blends and Masalas are made with love and care for you to enjoy creating and savoring flavorful dishes.

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Malavika Deo

Malavika worked outside her home as a medical assistant/ x-ray tech & later as a para-educator, however with a special needs child and health issues of another child she transitioned into something that worked with her family’s needs and something that brought her joy. She started Deolicious LLC in 2019 and Spice Symphony in 2020.

Malavika’s love of cooking flavorful food from scratch with quality products led to making her own spice blends and seasoning for tacos and fajitas as well as many other cuisines from different parts of the world. She slowly started making her own Indian regional masalas that are not available in the Indian stores in Utah.

She owns Deolicious LLC where clients can pick up prepared meals in which she uses Spice Symphony spice blends and masalas.

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