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Seasons Plant Based Cheese

Cultured Dairy-Free Cheese

Seasons offers a one of kind experience, blending classic cooking techniques with a new age vegan cuisine. We primarily use plant based whole foods, offering a delicious, gourmet healthy
option. We strive to offer an experience that respects nature and nourishes all life. Seasons Plant Based Cheese truly stands out amongst any vegan cheese on the market. Our cheeses are tested and certified in a laboratory, for wild fermentation processing. This gives our cheese an incredible flavor, that is sharp and tangy mimicking the flavor of dairy cheese. Through this culturing process it also creates healthy bacteria for your gut. Another major difference with our cheese is that we use whole cashes as our primary ingredient, offering a less processed and healthier alternative (turns out more delicious too!). Many competitors make vegan cheese with nut milk (which is mostly water), and lots of oil and starch. To top it off, seasons cheese is firm enough to be shredded and cut out of the fridge and can melt on any of your favorite dishes. Seasons has spent years crafting a product that is healthy, delicious and loves you back!

Can Be Found Here:

  • Downtown SLC Farmers Market
  • Hello!Bulk Markets – Salt lake City
  • Sweet Hazel & Co – Midvale
  • Copper Moose Farm Stand – Park City


The different cheese options at the market are spreadable , perfect amount of saltiness, and satisfying on the savory level . No harsh smells or offensive taste . This cheese I would recommend to take to your next party that’s has omnivores! My husband loved it!” – Elisabeth Orozco, Google Review

Tried the vegan cheese for the first time at the SLC farmers market and it’s fantastic!” – Adrene Wike, Facebook Review

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Contact Information
400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84139, United States
Owner Information
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James MacDonald
Owner & Chef

Seasons started in 2016 as a catering company, with a passion to make plant-based options more accessible, while also being healthy and delicious. We rented commissary kitchen space, primarily catering at festivals and weddings. We expanded in 2017 opening our restaurant, Seasons Plant Based Bistro. With high quality food and service as our mainstay, we quickly made a name for ourselves, and steadily grew for 3 years. When Covid-19 hit, we decided to expand into packaged foods. At this point we had been serving our house-made vegan cheeses at our restaurant for several years but had to figure out how to package our cheese and git it in the retail market. After 3 months of planning, we launched our line of five different semi-hard cultured non-dairy cashew cheeses. With a great response from the community, we have continued to grow and are now in several local stores and farmers markets across the valley.

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