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Solstice Malt

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Solstice Malt is a new craft malt house producing premium malt in northern Utah. Our focus is to create fresh and artisanal malt for local breweries and distilleries. Our initial products include base malts made from local barley, wheat, rye, oat, and triticale grains. In the future, we will expand our productions to produce roasted, brow, acid, and smoked malts.

Solstice Malt is a unique company which combines new technology and old techniques in its process. We are using an old method of floor malting but are using new technology to kiln the malt. The goal is to not only help make a better craft brewed beer by producing a consistent, top quality premium products, but also to create relationships that help drive local economic growth.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Solstice Malt (The Malthouse)
  • The Beernut
  • Salt Lake City Brew Supply
  • Ogden Brew Supply


One of my go to malts. Makes a really lovely Kolsch. Highlights the cracker and grain that one is looking for in a great Kolsch. – Steve Moga, Facebook Review

Highly recommended. The malt is the best I’ve brewed with. – Jeremy Des Roches, Facebook Review

Amazing malt. This guy really knows what he is doing. Built the malt house with his bare hands! – Brandon Gebo, Facebook Review

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3528 W 500 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104, United States
Owner Information
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James Weed

We started malting barley in 25 pound batches for home brewing in 2013. In trying to find more information to make the malt better we found the Craft Malting Guild and are a full member and currently board member. In 2015 we attended their second annual meeting at the Craft Brewers Conference and the Think Barley Tour by Rouge Brewery and toured their faculties with other craft maltsters and knew this was our path.

Craft malthouses were opening up across the nation bridging the disconnect from brewers and local farms and to really drink local. It took 2 years to find the right location and a year of construction but we started production in June of 2018.

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