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Microgreens and Seasonal Vegetables

Our produce is grown with sustainable, natural practices in the field and in greenhouses. We offer a wide variety of seasonal vegetable crops: Heirloom tomatoes, Asian Greens, Tokyo Turnips, Fava Beans, Seasonal Salad Mixes, Eggplants, Cucumbers, Summer and Winter Squash and German Butterball Potatoes.

We also grow a year-round supply of leafy greens and delicious microgreens. Microgreens offer a fun, exciting way to add a nutritional punch to every meal. Microgreens fall somewhere between sprouts and baby greens on the growth scale. They are best known for their strong flavors, beautiful colors, and high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • West Jordan Farm: 5210 W 7800 S, West Jordan
  • Wheeler Farmers Market
  • Daybreak Farmers Market
  • Herriman Farmers Market
  • Tagge’s Fruit Stand – Perry, Utah
A variety of fresh produce showcased on a city sidewalk
A close up of a variety of fresh leafy greens
A cluster of assorted green plants thriving together
A close up of a variety of lush green plants
A pile of fresh green and purple leafy vegetables
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Ethne Nethercott
Urban Farmer

Three years ago, I discovered that there is a small group of urban farmers across the globe who were turning yards and unused spaces in their communities into market gardens. I was immediately hooked on the idea and devoured everything I could read, watch, and listen to. I mean, you can’t eat the grass so why not plant something else, right?

I started to implement their practices into my own garden and was floored by the sheer volume of fresh food that could be grown.

One fateful evening I was lamenting to a friend how I would love nothing more than to turn my passion for gardening into something larger, tangible, a way to share what I can do with others. She looked me in the eye and said, “Why not go for it?”

In that moment, I swear I felt the universe align. Within hours, I had a plan. Within days I had funding. Within weeks I had property. Within a few short months I had infrastructure and seedlings growing in my front room under lights. Now my dream is reality and I wish nothing more than to share that with you. So welcome to the Utah Infinity Gardens family, where nothing is impossible when you dig in the dirt.

Line drawing of a broccoli headLine drawing of an eggplant