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Utah’s Own Ice Cream

Utah’s Own Ice Cream

The average American will consume more than six gallons of ice cream this year (that’s nearly 44 pints). In fact, food statistics show that 90 percent of American households consume ice cream.

Utah has a rich history of providing the state with premium, amazingly creamy ice cream and ice cream treats. “Utah’s love affair with high-quality ice cream began when Gustav Wilster, a dairy professor at Utah State University, had the idea of making his Aggie ice cream famous by teaching his skills to students and then sending them out into the world. The achievements of his students and their contributions to ice cream manufacturing far exceeded his visions of success. His influence led to the founding of such landmark Utah companies as Casper’s Ice Cream and Farr Better Ice Cream.” (History of Aggie Ice Cream)

A valuable part of Utah’s Ice Cream production is the hard working dairy farmers located around the state. For example, Aggie Ice Cream is made from the milk produced on the student dairy farms at Utah State University. Casper’s Ice Cream is located in Richmond, a rural community with a rich dairy farm history. So naturally investing in Utah made ice cream also secures the future of many dairy farms across the state.

Below are some Utah’s Own Members that are providing consumers with Utah Ice Cream in various types, sizes and product offerings. The top three companies have been in business for nearly 100 years!

Aggie Creamery – Logan Established 1920

  • Ice Cream – 26 Flavors
  • Pint or Half Gallon

Available for purchase at Utah State University, Kohler Creamery and Lee’s Marketplace.

Casper’s Ice Cream – Richmond Established 1925

  • Ice Cream Novelties
  • Dairy and Gluten Free Novelties
  • 1.75 Quart Ice Cream Tubs
  • Boutique Style Ice Cream Cookie Cups

Available for purchase at Utah Grocery Stores and nationwide.

Farr Ice Cream Salt Lake Established 1929

  • Ice Cream – 75 Flavors
  • Half Gallon or Gallon

Available for purchase at Smith’s, Walmart and Harmons.

Premium Ice Cream Co – Ogden Established late 1950s

  • Ice Cream Bars – 9 Flavors
  • Probiotic Yogurt Bars – 3 Flavors

Available for purchase at Utah Grocery Stores and Western United States

Rowley’s Red Barn – Santaquin Established 1990s

  • Ice Cream -34 Flavors
  • Single, Double or Trip Scoop
  • Ice Cream Sodas & Shakes

Available for purchase at the Red Barn in Santaquin & Washington (St. George).

Rockwell Ice Cream – Cedar Hills Established 2018

  • Ice Cream – 15 Flavors
  • Pint, Quart or Half Gallon

Available for purchase at Rockwell Ice Cream Parlors in Provo and Daybreak.

June is National Dairy Month – take a moment to learn more about where you can find Farm Fresh Milk or browse other Utah’s Own members that provide Dairy products.