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A Mano Artisan Pasta

Made-to-Order, Handmade Pasta

A Mano Artisan Pasta Co. was created with the goal to make a healthier version of handmade pasta. With organic (non gmo) gluten and gluten free flours, organic cage free eggs, and organic produce (ravioli/cappelletti), our pasta will change the way you think about pasta. Fresh pasta cooks faster, taste lighter, has a softer texture, and soaks any sauce better than dry pasta.

While boxed pasta is notoriously cheap, the flavor and consistency cannot match handmade artisan pasta. Ordinary boxed pasta is too starchy and produces heavy and sticky meals.  Frequently boxed pasta contains food preservatives, gmo and nonorganic ingredients. A Mano Pasta is made to order. Our customers tell us our fresh organic pasta as a life changer. They can’t imagine going back to their old boxed pasta ways. They can taste the quality and it makes a difference!

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Their pasta is delicious, I especially love the ravioli. It’s great to have such a unique place that offers fresh organic pasta, and even vegan and gluten-free options. – Keri Gonzalez, Google Review

I’ve never had pasta like this! the packaging and the actual noodles were beautiful, and they ended up being so light and flavorful when cooked! The texture was surprising to me since I’ve only ever had boxed pasta, and I love it! The noodles were great with just the water used for cooking, a little cheese, and salt and pepper. We also tried some with homemade pasta sauce out of our garden, and it was sooooo good! This is our new night time craving. We will definitely be attending a date night to learn how she does it, but I know we won’t have the time or experience to make what Maria made for us 😍 Everyone should try it! – Ali King, Facebook Review

“Oh my…everybody go order A Mano Pasta it is @%$* amazing!!! Like delicate puffs from an angel’s wings!!!!!!” – Amanda G, Customer Review

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 751 W 800 S
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
  • 801-859-4632

Maria Lara
Owner & Pasta Maker

After developing an autoimmune disease, A Mano Artisan Pasta Company’s owner, Maria, started  cooking more of her own food from scratch using organic products to alleviate inflammation. Through that process Maria discovered pasta making and it soon developed into a passion. A passion she wanted to share with her community in Utah.

Before launching A Mano Pasta, Maria noticed there were very few places offering fresh pasta to cook at home. People in Utah either have to go to a fancy restaurant or try to make it at home. She wants to make fresh pasta as accessible and affordable as possible without compromising the quality of her fresh, delicious pasta.