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Bonneville Produce Farms

Utah Local Farmer

Bonneville Farms Produce grows local sweet corn, tomatoes, melons and giant pumpkins.

We grow our produce on a small farm south of Delta, Utah, in Millard county. We grow both organic and conventional produce but most of our farm is operated under integrated farming practices, taking the best practices of organic and the best practices of conventional production, allowing us to implement the best practices from both worlds. We grow sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon and peppers and have planted peaches and apples for future production. We also have honey bees. Our produce is available at the Farm Bureau farmers markets and Orem farmers market and select grocery retailers in central Utah. Bonneville Farms Produce also sells to several restaurants along the Wasatch front.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Utah Farm Bureau Murray Park Farmers Market

Delta, Utah

  • Delta, Utah 84624
  • 801-822-1771
  • Message: bonnevillefarmsproduce@outlook.com

Bob Rogers
Owner & Farmer

Bob Rogers is the owner of Bonneville Farms Produce. 

After working for thirty years as a Certified Crop Advisor and pesticide consultant, Bob retired from consulting work and realized his life’s dream was to operate his own farm.

Bob Started Bonneville Farms produce in 2019 after being told he had lung cancer. The diagnosis was wrong, but Bob didn’t want his dream to go unrealized. Bob started to grow sweet corn and tomatoes and Bonneville Farms became a reality.