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Carb Dealer SLC

Sourdough Breads & Meringues

At Carb Dealer SLC, dealing carbs is what we do! We focus on using local ingredients and supporting other small businesses.  We offer sourdough breads, meringues and specialty sweet treats.

We make the best sourdough breads, but we are known for our sourdough focaccia. Our rotating flavor combinations, and toppings, utilizes locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. Our dough is made from a few simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, olive oil and love. We even offer vegan options.

Aside from mouthwatering sourdough breads, we also offer one-of-a-kind meringues, including vegan meringues. These irresistibly adorable and unique designs are almost too cute to eat. We have a variety of options including meringue toppers that float on top of your favorite beverage, a variety of meringue kisses that have chocolate centers and our meringue kookies which feature our signature meringue atop pretzels, shortbread cookies and crackers.

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Neighborhood Hive Farmers Market
  • Local Neighborhood Pop-Up Events
  • Local Pickup in Sandy


The carb dealer makes the BEST focaccia bread. It just melts in your mouth! It’s a burst of flavor! Every single bite is AMAZING! You can’t go wrong with any of the breads! The toppers are very fun! My kids really enjoyed them! The merengues are very light and flavorful!you definitely can’t go wrong with the carb dealer!! – S Mari, Google Review

When you buy from the carb dealer SLC you won’t regret. The smell alone is mouth watering. I highly recommend her Foccacia any time and any where. It’s pure deliciousness. – Patsy Kilgore, Google Review

If you haven’t tried her stuff you should! She works hard to make it taste delicious. Her hard work shows through how amazing it tastes AND the look of her stuff is 😋😋 – Micaila L, Google Review

Sandy, Utah

  • Sandy, Utah 84070
  • 385-267-5412

Roz Danford

Growing up in Fiji, a former British colony, tea plays an important role in society. Teatime not only involves sharing a pot of tea with family and friends, but it also means delicious baked goods. I spent a lot of my youth baking treats and learning recipes from my grandmother. Coming from a European, Polynesian, and Asian background, I was exposed to a myriad of foods and flavors.

I traveled a lot in my teens and after marrying my son’s father who was in the US Army, we had the opportunity to see the world. It opened my eyes to even more cultures and I was especially fascinated with their food. I often found myself speaking with the cook in the kitchen, soaking up as much as I could and reading cookbooks for fun.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself accepting a job opportunity.  Now a single mom to a then 7-year-old, I boarded a plane with just two suitcases and headed for Utah. I continued to bake as it was a great stress reliever and a quick way to make new friends and connections.

I picked up power lifting and found myself consuming a lot carbs to fuel my workouts. Soon, other people at gyms started asking me for breads and other treats and I earned the nickname, “The Carb Dealer”. During the pandemic, demand grew, and I found myself outgrowing my tiny apartment kitchen and decided to pursue my passion for dealing carbs.