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Cirkels Specialty Stroopwafels

Dutch Waffle Cookies

Cirkels Specialty Stroopwafels are a Dutch treat, composed of two thin buttery waffle cookies, and filled in the center with decadent caramel. Our stroopwafels are unique from those found in Europe because we add specialty toppings and fillings.  In the early days of the company, Cirkels Specialty Stroopwafels were produced in Utah.  Our company headquarters remains in Utah, but in order to keep up with demand we utilize a co-packer outside the Beehive State.In addition to selling these in stores, we do cater events, and yes… you want us at yours! This is where we can get really creative with different flavors tailored to your style and taste. If you’re looking for something unique and delicious to serve the guests at your event, whether it be a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, holiday party, bar/bat mitzvah, girls night out, or work event, your guests will be wow’d.

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They taste just like they do in Europe and has that perfect mix of sweet and chewy. They are delicious!

Camilla Kragius,

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The caramel stretches perfectly and I could seriously eat at least 10 in one sitting – unless I go into a sugar coma first. I love that they are all natural.

Jenny Frodsham,

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Claire Buys,

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Salt Lake City, UT

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Heather & Christina
Founders, Owners, Sisters

We didn’t realize it at the time, but that first stroopwafel we tasted on the streets of Europe in 2003 changed the course of our lives. Cirkels (pronounced SUR-kulz) is the result of our years-long attempt to recreate the delicious street food.

Unable to get the craving out of our minds and ingesting countless stale imports, our decade-long obsession eventually made us realize that, to get the fresh and simple version we wanted, we’d need to make it ourselves. We spent over a year making and taste-testing batch after batch after batch to finally get the simplest, best recipe we’d EVER tasted.