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Clear Water Distilling

Hand-Crafted Spirits

Like craft brewing, our distillery makes spirits/products based on a target flavor idea instead of a category.

We feel that makes for the best products because we are not constrained by the need to fit a particular spirits category. It also gives us total freedom for creativity and results in a wonderful new palette for bartenders and mixologists. This results in spirits that may have never existed before and offers the consumer the chance to try something absolutely new. Imagine being Bob Ross with the restriction of only 8 colors of paint, and then your world opens up into an infinite spectrum of color expression.

The spirits that we offer are Joséphine Eau de Vie, Lorenz Crafted Spirit, René Rye-Magnac, ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey, CWD 5-Year Barrel Strength Rye, CWD Vodka, and CWD 14-Year Light Whiskey. Each spirit redefines the idea of what can be a spirit with the Rye being higher proof yet smoother than most rye whiskeys, Vodka being superbly clean and smooth, the blend of rye and armagnac in René, and the bold play on rum with the Lorenz Crafted Spirit. Even ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey takes a left turn on the industry norm for cinnamon whiskeys by having no sugar nor additives.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Clear Water Distilling Co
  • Utah State Liquor Stores – Select Locations
  • Vanders Keep
  • Wee Blu Inn
  • Sunday’s Best
  • Eagle Lodge PG
  • Strap Tank Brewery
  • Whiskey Street
  • Blue Sky Auberge Wanship
  • Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley


Amazing place with amazing craft drinks!! We did the tour and tasting and had a great time. Dan was a great tour guide with great knowledge of distilling. The different tastings were so unique and tasty after the tour as were the stories behind the naming of each spirit. Highly recommended to go learn about and taste these gel rest drinks.” – Damion Hinckley, Google Review

Passionate team committed to producing authentic flavor experiences and dedicated to the highest standards of quality.” – Greg Reyneke, Google Review

This place is an absolute gem in Utah County! We had so much fun doing the whiskey tour and sampling their products. The guys working there were absolutely fabulous. Dan did such a fabulous job showing us around. We walked away wanting to buy literally everything they make, it was all absolutely amazing!!” – Marc Whiting, Google Review

Pleasant Grove, Utah

  • 564 W 700 S Suite 401
  • Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
  • (801) 997-8667

Matt Eau Claire, Stephanie Eau Claire, and James Pyle
CEO/ Founder, CFO/ Co-Founder, Facilities/ Co-Founder

Perusing the aisles at your local state liquor store doesn’t really hold any surprises. Vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, brandy and tequila—the common liquors are like old friends we know well. A few super sweet liqueurs or exotic bitters aside, there are few, if any, other recognizable categories of liquor available in the market. Is that all the world of distilled spirits has to offer? Matt Eau Claire doesn’t think so, and he intends to prove it with Clear Water Distilling Company, a distillery that focuses on more unique offerings. Matt’s love for high-end spirits came from an experience at a friend’s with the taste of a single-malt scotch, which struck a rich, smokey cord. “It blew me away how smooth it was,” he says of the whiskey. “I didn’t know liquor could be like this! I never thought about drinking it straight.” The idea for Clear Water Distilling, Co. truly came about when he was gifted a small home still a few years before founding the company. The first thing he put through the still was the very beginnings of what would become Joséphine Eau de Vie. To date, Clear Water Distilling has continued to strive for the “left turns” on traditional ideas. Their motto, Defiantly Different, has been a driving force for the company and the team as they have delved into ideas of what can make a spirit truly unique.