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Elden Foods Honey

Raw Honey

100% Pure Raw Honey – that’s where we start.  We take care that our honey is kept as close to nature as possible.

Elden Foods Honey is:

Gravity separated, not force filtered; it retains all the enzymes/pollen

Kept at Raw temperatures

Harvested via organic processes 

100% Pure Honey – never mixed with lower quality honeys

We take pride in keeping our honey raw, chemical and pesticide free, and as close to nature as it gets. When you taste Elden Foods honey, it should always taste like you went out to your local bee-keepers backyard hive: Delicious, Sweet, and Natural.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey can be a real treat, a little sweeter than regular because of the crystallization, a more robust flavor, and a whole lot nicer to use!

It can be tricky to get a real nice, smooth creamed honey that’s not too solid, and not too liquid., all while being extra smooth. We’d like to think we found just the right consistency, soft enough to spread on warm toast, but firm enough to stay on the spreading knife. Of course, all of our creamed honey meets the same high standards as our regular honey. Still raw, still unfiltered, still 100% Pure Honey.

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Some of the best honey I’ve tasted, the people running this place are nice, Thank You!


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Kaysville, UT

  • 387 Boynton Rd.
  • Kaysville, UT 84037
  • 801-668-9133

John Finley

It all started one day while walking through our farm right here on Boynton Road in Kaysville, Utah. The apples were in full bloom, and the honeybees were everywhere; their humming audible throughout the orchards. Our family had farmed here for years, mostly alfalfa, clover and various fruits, so this was a natural occurrence, but this time the presence of the bees coming and going got us thinking. “These bees are taking this delicious nectar and depositing in their local, wild hives, never to be seen again. It would be great if our community could take part in some of this natural magic!”


And so, through some initial effort and a little bee-keeping we made it happen! But no matter how hard the bees worked, there was just not enough honey to sustain all the people coming to our door after seeing the “Fresh, Raw Honey” sign next to the walkway. It was selling like we’d never have believed. So, there was only one thing to do. We began to team up with other Utah local bee-keepers, making sure that they followed the best natural harvesting techniques that makes local honey so delicious. We bring fresh honey from all around Utah here to Elden Foods, package it without heat and without filtration and send it directly to you! What started as a small plan to let our neighbors taste some amazing honey, now allows us to share this Local Utah Honey throughout the 50 states of the USA!