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ET Cherry Creek Farms

Farm to Fork Specialty Meats

Our farm specializes in registered Dexter cattle and Boer Goats along with seasonal fresh vegetables and hay. Our motto is to achieve a quality natural product in a sustainable way, using natural ingredients to produce natural meat. We choose only the best breeding stock to produce the quality of meat desirable to ourselves and our customers. Rest assured if we do not like it we will not sell it. Our animals are raised from birth to finish enjoying a very happy and a fruitful life on our farm. They are handled with easy and care, we do not use hormones nor do we finish our animals out on grain. The animals graze on the natural brush and grass found on our farm and in winter we supply them with the grass and alfalfa produced from our fields.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Cache Valley Gardeners Market
  • Direct Farm Sales


We had your ribeye beef steaks for dinner the other night and they were delicious! And the only thing I used for seasoning was some mineral salt. Plus the steak sauce I put on the table went unused because the meat tasted so good just by itself… We are lifelong customers!” – Leah Stallard, Facebook Review

Love, love, LOVE their goat! Seriously changed my viewpoint on goat. Check them out for sure!” – Barney Northrop, Facebook Review

Richmond, Utah

  • Richmond, Utah 84333
  • 435-232-6310

Tamra Jorgensen
Farmer & Owner

ET Cherry Creek Farm was created from the rocky foothills of Richmond. Through true pioneer grit, the land was transformed into 20 cultivated acres to sustain livestock, feed and a small acre of produce. In 2015, we expanded our sales from family and neighbors to the general public.