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Eva’s Bakery

Bakery Cafe

Eva’s Bakers is a French bakery, boulangerie and restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City, where we proudly serve artisan breads, pastries, croissants, bakers pies, espressos and coffees, and sandwiches.

It’s what we put into our baked goods that make them taste great and have the familiar comfort of home. We use local organic flour for the best results. Come taste what using fresh, locally-grown ingredients does to a croissant. It’s the very best blend of Utah and traditional French cuisine.

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The avocado toast is to die for. I would love to see more vegan options just for variety sake. Perhaps a vegan special would be a great way to handle that. The servers are lovely. It’s a busy little boulangerie so be prepared to wait for a table.

Evan Chonaill,

Facebook Review

Was my first time in this wondeefull place and I order the stuffed French Toast with blueberry sauce,Oh my God it’s DELICIOUS!!,Frittata and of course my Chai Tea,the bread delicious ..the service was excellent…everything it’s good..

Mary Moreno,

Facebook Review

The food is so delicious! Everytime we come to visit from California, we have to come to Eva’s Bakery!
The only part I don’t like is the costumer service when you first walk in, you have to practically jump in front of them to get seen. They aren’t very attentive. But once you get sat, the experience is awesome!

Athena Garcia,

Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, UT

  • 155 S Main Street
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84111
  • 801-355-3942

Charlie Perry

Eva Coombs was renowned for cooking with an abundance of both love and butter. Family and friends took any opportunity to stop by her home for nourishment and pleasure.

Her great grandson Charlie was always by her side in the kitchen, and Eva’s passion for French cooking and respect for ingredients transferred to her young apprentice. Owner and Chef Charlie Perry opened Eva’s Bakery Boulangerie in her honor.