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Funky Oats

Allergy-Friendly Vegan Granola

Funky Oats are Utah’s first gourmet organic, vegan and gluten free granola and granola bars which our customers consistently rate “5 stars”. Comments describe Funky Oats as, “The best granola I have ever eaten”. All of our products (including Funky Pup dog treats) are made with the finest, all natural, non-GMO ingredients; free of soy, dairy, corn and wheat.

Our granola bars are sweetened with organic blue agave, providing a natural source of energy. We currently offer six bar varieties, four of which have an almond butter base; “You’re a Tart, Cherry”, “Pecan Someone Your Own Size”, “Funked Up Coconut” and “Spicy Ginger Bites!”. “Espresso Yourself” is made with sunbutter, while “Too Cool for School” is made with all natural peanut butter. Our three loose granolas; “Super Seeding Expectations”, “The Berry Zest” and “Funknutty”, are lightly sweetened with Grade ‘A’ pure maple syrup.

Whether on a special diet, given as a gift, or just trying to incorporate healthier options, look no further than Funky Oats. Toss some in your lunchbox, backpack and car and never be without a tasty meal. Funky Pup treats ensure your favorite companion is well fed too. All of our packaging utilizes recycled materials and our granola bags are compost.

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Absolutely delicious! Our family loves the flavors. The consistency of the bars are exceptionally perfect! Not too soft, not too crunchy! You can tell they were made with quality ingredients. They are super fresh. I am addicted! Thank you for making an amazing product! I just placed a new order.
Sophie Reece, Facebook Review,

I just recently tried Funky Oats and the bars are amazing! They taste so fresh, with what I can only describe as “real food” that doesnt taste preserved and loaded with tons of sugar. Seriously delicious!
Tisha Digman, Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Owner, Chief Snack Officer

As a (former) Director of a local treatment facility, I frequently attended meetings in which food was provided. Unfortunately, due to Celiac Disease, the food rarely met my dietary needs. I often went without, or not wanting to stand out, nibbled and suffered the consequences. Subsequently, I started bringing my homemade granola bars to meetings and they quickly became the food of choice for coworkers as well.

Given tremendous encouragement and support, I created Funky Oats with the sole purpose of providing healthy, allergy-friendly, vegan, fun-food options for the ones I love. In today’s busy world I understand the need for portable foods that aren’t heavily processed and loaded with GMOs. Food that provides energy, texture, taste and a delicious feeling of satisfaction too. I am passionate about baking and love creating and selling Funky Oats and the best bonus is meeting new customers and friends through various pop ups, farmers markets and charitable events.