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Go Energy Foods, Inc.

Protein Bars

We discovered that if you want something healthy, you give away taste, and when something tastes amazing, you give up many health benefits.  We created a product where Finally! Healthy Tastes Good. Most protein bars leave an aftertaste, they are chalky, or they taste like chemicals.  Our product gives real energy from real food. We have healthy protein, healthy fiber, and healthy fat. Our egg white protein blend gives our snacks a smooth texture.  

We have infused our product with Sunflower Lecithin which is good for the gut, the skin, and the brain.  We have many organic ingredients, and a lower sugar content than many other products on the market, without giving up on taste.  Our dried fruits and nuts create a hearty texture that explodes with flavor.

We have created our energy bar into 3 separate cubes.  This allows people on the go to eat now, and later. You can simply eat two and share one with friends or family.  Our refrigerated product can be taken on the go without spoiling for weeks. Great for people who have an active lifestyle.  Swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, and those who busy, that just want a healthy snack.

One taste, and you’ll be hooked.  

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Bluffdale, UT

  • 14587 S 790 W Suite C-103
  • Bluffdale, UT 84065
  • 385.274.7888

James Shuman and Jacqueline Smith

James Shuman and Jacqueline Smith began the company in 2017.  We worked long hours together and struggled to find something healthy that actually tastes good.

We originally started out planning to purchase another company’s product that we liked.  When that didn’t work out, we set out to create a great tasting product. We hired a food scientist, and a chef.  Once we had a recipe that tasted great, we made it healthy. Go Energy got rid of excess sugars, added more protein, and began the Energy Cubes experiment.  

We sourced ingredients from the places that could provide us with all natural or organic ingredients.  We ran taste tastes, we changed our recipe multiple times, until it was just right.

Then it was time to really manufacture this product.  We traveled to Chicago to find the machines that would quickly manufacturer and package our product to deliver the best-tasting, freshest product possible.  

We studied, we ran numbers, and we are ready to launch

Finally!  Healthy tastes good.