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Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Grazed provides local, pasture-raised, grass-fed ground meats. Ground beef is the most consumed type of beef by Americans because it is easy to cook and can be eaten with almost anything. However, ground beef usually consists of the leftover trimmings and scraps and none of the best tasting steaks and roasts.

Our ground beef is made from local, pasture-raised, and grass-fed cows right here in Utah. The ground beef is a 90% lean / 10% fat blend that has exceptional flavor because it is made from 7-day dry-aged beef that includes the ribeyes, filet mignon, tri-tip, brisket, new york steaks, sirloin, and chuck.

Our animals are raised on pasture by Utah ranchers, harvested in Utah harvest facilities, and our meat is crafted by Utah butchers.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Lee’s Market – Heber
  • Days Market – Provo
  • The Store – Holladay
  • Nebo Market – Nephi
  • Terrel’s – Mt. Pleasant
  • Macey’s – Santaquin
  • Bowman’s Market – Kaysville
  • The Market – Park City
  • Reams


The ground beef, although leaner than I usually like it, is made from dry aged meat and is probably the best ground beef I’ve ever had.” – Ray Gonzaelz, Google Review

There is one thing I’m picky about and that’s any sort of meat/protein that I bring into my home. The difference between this and even the “best” at the grocery store is night and day. You just HAVE to try it to understand! I’d go out of my way to stock up on this, but I don’t have to because..DELIVERY! We’ve had ground beef with tacos…tasted better than anything else! Please do chicken and pork 🙏🏻.” Sarah Cummard, Google Review

I ordered some meat from Sanpitch for the first time about a month ago and was not disappointed! The quality of the meat is top of the line. They are responsive to any questions that you have and are willing to help out. Best meat around and the best quality for the price!” Cole Houghton, Google Review

Fairview, Utah

  • 22775 N 10390 E
  • Fairview, Utah 84629
  • 435-500-5599

Collinsworth Family

Grazed was started after we had spent years of growing up on family owned dairy farms and cattle ranches. We saw the struggle that American farmers and ranchers have to make ends meet all while providing one of the biggest benefits and necessities to people in their communities.

We couldn’t understand how the people who provide products that are essential for us to live our daily lives were going out of business and couldn’t survive.

Our Goal is to decentralize the meat industry and help local ranchers be the ones who supply the meat that sits on the shelves of your local grocery stores. Not only will you support your local ranchers and communities by buying Grazed Ground Beef for your family, but they will get the best tasting, healthy ground beef you could find.