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Han’s Kombucha

Handcrafted Local Kombucha

Han’s mission is to better the health and the lives of our community one bottle of booch at a time. Our probiotic SCOBY cultures and locally sourced high quality ingredients in this tasty brew aid gut function and spike long-term vitality. Han’s Kombucha strives to remain sustainably conscious in our practices. Join the fans of Han’s!

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Store (Holladay & Gateway)
  • Liberty Heights Fresh – Salt Lake City
  • Hello Bulk – Salt Lake City
  • Campos Coffee – Salt Lake City
  • Animalia – Salt Lake City
  • Five5eeds – Park City
  • Pink Elephant – Park City

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
  • (801) 907-0869
  • Message: han@hanskombucha.com

Hannah Hendrickson
Founder & Co-Owner

Han’s Kombucha started with a love of kombucha and a desire to share the healthy goodness with her community. Hannah (aka Han) started brewing kombucha in the closet of her dorm. As her prized SCOBY grew, she began sharing her brew with friends. And those friends shared it with their friends. Soon, Han realized this was a wonderful way to apply her U of U Public Health degree in order to benefit the community in a meaningful and positive way.

In November of 2018, Han sold her very first booch batch to a local tea shop. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her product has allowed Han’s Kombucha to grow throughout Salt Lake City and beyond. Han’s Kombucha is in a huge period of growth. Han’s continues to add new retailer partners throughout the community. Han’s Kombucha is also working to open a “kombucha bar” for the community in the coming months. Follow us along @hanskombucha for updates on our exciting new adventures.