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Herban Bloom

Farm Fresh Produce

Herban Bloom sits on a half-acre in Farr West and specializes in growing a wide variety of herbs from cilantro to lemon balm as well as a variety of produce such as salad mixes, cucumbers, zucchini, radish, beets and more. All our produce is grown using organic and regenerative practices which means zero pesticides, zero synthetic fertilizers, and allowing all the microbiology in the soil to thrive and help produce a healthier and more delicious crop.

Wanting to make local produce more accessible, we are offering a pick-up service where you purchase produce on our website and pick it up at a few select locations throughout Ogden. Please see our website for exact dates and times.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Farmers Market Ogden

Farr West, Utah

  • Farr West, Utah 84404
  • 801-917-9358

Farmer & Owner

Ever since I bit into an heirloom tomato I bought at the local coop in Moab five years ago, I became curious on what else I have been missing out on in my food life that had been exclusive to the standard big chain grocery store. I started going to farmer’s markets to try new varieties of produce, different flavors of sauces, delicious hummuses, and even craft soda. I couldn’t get enough. There’s just something about supporting farmers and food-preneurs in the community and devouring their amazing products that feels right. But after missing a farmer’s market, accessing local and organic food without wanting to pay a huge upfront cost of a CSA was nearly impossible.

Wanting to take a proactive approach to fixing this problem, I took an intensive farmer training course through the Green Urban Lunchbox in Salt Lake in 2019 and absolutely loved it. I then met some amazing people who didn’t mind me taking over their yard and before I knew it, I started growing the amazing food I sell today.