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Herbs and Soil Apothecary

Natural Skincare Products

Recently having a family member go through cancer and getting healthy again. I realized the dangers of the chemicals in most of the products we use in our day to day life. Thinking about how they may be the cause of a lot of the health issues people are having, I decided to live a healthy lifestyle by applying a plant-based approach to wellness into our lives.  Enjoying flowers, seeds, herbs, leaves, roots and getting my hands dirty I decided gardening would be my solution to a healthy lifestyle.

There are many health benefits you can get from herbs essential oils and spices including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Striving to provide affordable, organic but at the same time luxurious products for health and skincare, I decided to create my own skincare and bath products. I make soap, scrubs, salves, shower steamers, facial masks, bath tub teas, tinctures and a variety of other skincare products.  It is important to me to make these products with the best natural ingredients that I can find. I use organic ingredients and always choose local or made in the USA ingredients first for my products. Cruelty Free and sustainable ingredients is another very important factor when selecting what I am using in my products.

You will NOT find any of these chemicals in my products, like Silicones, Petroleum, Palm Oil, SLS, Paraben of any kind, propylene glycol & other harsh chemicals. There is no mineral oil in any of my skincare produces.  I make soap the old fashioned way – cold process method which has a cure rate of 4-6 weeks per batch. My products are made in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Not only do I care in taking the time and making the effort into infusing my oils that feel luxurious on the skin, I also want to make sure that the benefits I intend are given to you as well. Every label and all the packing that I use is either 100% biodegradable, reusable or recyclable.

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I bought this as a birthday gift for my mother in law and she absolutely loved it. Everything smelled so good and was perfect quality items. Shipping was fast and it was very well packaged.

Crystal Jackson,

Etsy Review

Bought some as a Christmas gift for a friend. She liked them so much I had to get some for me! Looking forward to trying the masks now, too.


Etsy Review

Absolutely beautifully done. A Christmas gift for my daughter and I didn’t even need to wrap it. Everything is so nicely made and smells amazing. My 15 year old is in love with this!!!

Lori Jones,

Etsy Review

Salt Lake City, UT

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  • 801-979-7536

Gabby Padilla

Herbs & Soil Apothecary is a young business that has just kicked off in 2018.  I have been working towards this business for awhile now, learning and studying to build a strong foundation about herbalism.  I have loved plants, nature and living in Utah for my entire life. My goal is to incorporate local herbal therapeutics into my products,   integrate herbal practices and traditions into modern life and at the same time be proactive in sustainable eco-friendly products.  

I have been lucky enough to be designing and growing my herb garden for years and it is growing to my delight.  This year will have very exciting developments! I am building a shop and warehouse to hold all of my supplies and equipment.  Adding additional planter boxes and even a chicken coop to my delight. Herbs & Soil Apothecary is my journey to building an abundant apothecary of botanical inspirations.

I hope our products bring you the joy that I had while making them.