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Hwy 102 Soap Emporium

Goat Milk Body Products

Hwy 102 Soap Emporium’s goal is to produce the finest goat milk products that are good for all ages and skin types—and also great for the environment. We strive to source and produce all our handmade products in Utah.

We started with just the soap and lotion, but have expanded into other products such as Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Bath Melts, and Lip Balms. At Hwy 102 we are always on the lookout to expand our products and welcome new ideas. We are very passionate about all of our products and we love our business. Most of all, we love being able to share our all natural, handmade products, from our family to yours. So try one of our products today and enjoy a moisturizing experience for even the most sensitive skin types.

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I just tried the mint bath bomb…I am in love! My kids love the fruity loop ones can’t get enough of the bath stuff!

Jessica Leak,

Facebook Review

Received my order today along with a free spa bar. It was perfectly packaged and my 21 month old immediately wanted to use his fruit loop bath bomb.
The water turned blue and he had so much fun! His skin feels so soft and the water smelled EXACTLY like fruit loops!
I’m so in love already and I haven’t even tried my own bombs, soap, or lotion yet! You said I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I didn’t expect to be so amazed! You have awesome products and I’m hooked for good!

Alicia Skow,

Facebook Review

My favorite bath bomb so far is Nut and Honey!! They were all great though!  The detox spa bar with tea tree oil is amazing and has been SOOO awesome for my ‘teenage’ face!!

Jennifer Wentzell,

Facebook Review

Tremonton, UT

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Lyndse Reay

Hwy 102 soap Emporium began in November, 2013, out of necessity. At that time, a good friend of mine and I discovered that there just weren’t very many soaps and lotions on the market for our children with sensitive skin. After some research, we stumbled upon a goat’s milk recipe that changed the way that we viewed soap and lotion. Thus, Hwy 102 Soap Emporium was born.

Hwy 102 is not just a business, it’s a labor of love! My whole family, from my three-year-old all the way up to my eighty-five year old grandmother, are actively involved in the making of our products. We live on a small farm in northern Utah. We enjoy growing our own produce, and raising animals for companionship as well as their resources. We began raising goats three years ago. We started our herd with one little Nubian yearling and soon realized how much we loved having her around. It didn’t take us long to grow our herd to the 15 goats we now have. Our goats are all very kind and loving which makes milking them even more enjoyable.