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James Gourmet Pies

Sweet Potato Pies

We specialize in Gourmet Sweet Potato Pie that is packed with delicious flavors, Graham cracker crust and pineapples! Delicious doesn’t begin to describe the taste! Our pies will make you totally forget about pumpkin pie and make sweet potato pie your new favorite tradition! We strive to make our southern comfort food melt away your stress with every bite! Not to mention the freeze for up to 6 months! You may enjoy your pie at any temperature that suits you, warm or cold.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Park City Farmer’s Market
  • USU Botanical Farmer’s Market
  • Liberty Park Farmer’s Market
  • Ogden’s Farmer’s Market
  • Downtown SLC Farmer’s Market
  • Wheeler Farms Farmer’s Market
  • Brixton’s Potato
  • Wok the Line restaurant
  • Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen Restaurant
  • The Market – Park City


This is NOT your grandma’s sweet potato pie! James’ pies are different. They are dessert for breakfast. They are delectable. They are addicting. I started with just one pie and my very hesitant fruit pie loving family looked at me like, “Really mom? You couldn’t buy an apple pie?” Now, I buy two sweet potato pies PER WEEK. One for now, the other for …well, when the first pie is gone. As a food photographer, James’ pies are as good as they look!” – Deborah DeKoff, Google Review

First time trying James’s Sweet Potato Pies, I was surprised. this was fantastic. It’s now become one of my favorite pies. If you’re from the South, this is slap your mama good. Anywhere else, you too will be surprised at how awesome these pies are.” – Lee Basher, Google Review

Best pie ever! I like it warm and cold. My husband wanted to order another pie after his first bite. Easy ordering online and delivery was great. I may never eat pumpkin pie again, this is so much better.” – Malinda M, Google Review

Ogden, Utah

  • 2386 Kiesel Ave
  • Ogden, Utah 84401
  • 385-405-2638

James Edwards

I am the proud owner of James’ Gourmet Pies!  I lived in a ton of different states and countries but I was born in Wilmington, DE and mostly raised there. As a child I loved to bake,  while other kids were out playing, I was in the kitchen with my grandmother learning all her secrets to baking. In my high school years, I lived in Panama City, FL. After high school, I joined the United States Air Force. With the Air Force, I was able to travel that much more and see more states and different countries.