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La Nay Ferme

Biodynamic Farm

La Nay Ferme is a biodynamic farm located in Provo. We grow seasonal produce and specialize in growing arugula, chard, cilantro, kale, mixed greens, parsley, and spinach. All our food is delivered the same day it is harvested.

La Nay Ferme is committed to growing plants that are high quality, highly nutritious, clean from toxic sprays, and grown with non-GMO seeds. We are passionate about providing the best possible produce by adhering to safe farming practices.

 Our farm supplies food for our CSA members, our own Farm Market, several local restaurants, and three local groceries chains. We also supply our greens for Winder Farms’ home delivery service.

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Can be found here:

    4800 East Lawn Drive


La Nay Ferme is an excellent source of produce! We have been members since the Spring of 2013 and we have enjoyed being part of this family.

Malia Littlefield,

Facebook Review

I have been a member of La Nay Ferme since Spring 2012. I LOVE what I get every week! The owner and staff are very accommodating and work hard to provide a great service at a reasonable cost. The vegetables are fresh and delicious, and I love getting something a little different every week.

Jane Birch,

Facebook Review

The produce is fresh and delicious! The farm is a bit tricky to find, but even the drive there is a pleasant surprise. Anyone looking for fresh, local produce from great people need look no further! Sign up now and get your veg on!

Jonathan Alldredge,

Facebook Review

Provo, UT

  • 4800 East Lawn Drive
  • Provo, UT 84601
  • 801-901-0261

Clinton Felsted

We started 2015 with 42 completed high tunnels. We now have 60 gardens that are the exact same size and plan on expanding to approximately 70 gardens.