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Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet

Gourmet Tortilla Chips

We are life’s enthusiasts and we believe that life should be celebrated. Chips and salsa are always at the center of what we love most, socializing! Being with others and sharing a laugh is what makes life grand.

Our chips are a culture, a state of mind, an attitude. So don’t take just any chips and salsa to your get-togethers, no no no,  take what reflects YOU and your state of mind!  You just can’t settle with the norm. You want quality and flavor. So whether it’s our products or any other products, choose what reflects your lifestyle, because mediocrity is not an option. Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate life, laugh a lot and lend a hand to those around you.   Flavor fusion, people fusion.

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These are excellent chips. I have had the Thin White and the Thick & Hearty yellow. Both are better than the national brands that you find in the grocery store.


Amazon Review

These are the most flavorful bagged chips that I have eaten! They are not too salty overall.

Good Cook,

Amazon Review

These are the most flavorful bagged chips that I have eaten! They are not too salty overall.

Good Cook,

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Woods Cross, UT

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Laurie Seron

Freshly made corn tortilla chips have been bringing our family together for generations.  My husband has fond memories of his mother standing over a hot stove cooking this treasured snack for her five children, just as he has done for our six children and their children.

What started as a delicious family past time soon became a desire to share our tasty tradition with an entire community.  In 1999, Buffalo Tortilla Chips was born.  Our family of eight spent every night cutting, cooking, and packaging chips in the rented after-hours kitchen of a local 50’s era hamburger stand.  We ran the jukebox and cooked up a storm until the wee hours of the morning.  The following day the kids were off to school, my husband to work, and I would make the rounds delivering fresh chips to local specialty stores.

Demand for Buffalo Tortilla Chips grew until our 50’s diner setup couldn’t handle the volume.  We built a small commercial kitchen, hired 6 employees and expanded our delivery route.  Finally the day came when a decision had to be made.  We either had to bring on a manufacturer to meet our growing demand, or be content to stay in our little community. We brought our product to a manufacturer, and they in turn helped us make the decision to make our age-old tradition a modern novelty in the world of gourmet snack foods.

Buffalo Tortilla Chips became Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet, and we set our sights on the horizon, determined to bring our chips to the world.  We will always strive to make quality products for you to enjoy.  Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet infuses not only pure flavors and ingredients into our chips and salsas, but happiness and laughter into the lives of those who eat them.  When our customers celebrate all that is good by bringing loved ones together, they celebrate using Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet tortilla chips and salsas.