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Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn makes high end, gourmet popcorn in over 20 different flavors. We have something for everyone: sweet, savory, buttery, chocolaty, cheesy- you name it, we got it! With our large variety of colors and flavors, our popcorn makes the perfect gift for anyone (or just keep it for yourself, we won’t tell!) Pop on by today and discover your passion for popcorn!

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Just got my order in and it’s the best popcorn I ever had!! I love the Mt. Dew flavor!! I ordered 4 different flavors and it’s all really good !!

Andy Reha Jr.,

Facebook Review

Made a stop in Kaysville just for this popcorn I have heard so much about. It didn’t dissapoint! We bought several different flavors and they were all amazing! We will definitely be making another trip or ordering online very soon!

Jamey Raymond,

Facebook Review

Re-discovered Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn, … It’s a danger to be so close! Yummy popcorn that the whole family enjoys, not a single flavor that isn’t good, and the staff is great! Love us some popcorn!!

McKenna Stringfellow,

Facebook Review

Kaysville, UT

  • 37 N Main Street
  • Kaysville, UT 84037
  • 801-544-4255

Zack and Brooke Call

Our founder, Lisa married into the Call family in 1983. Her new father-in-law, Bill Call made caramel popcorn in the back room of the Roy Theater to sell at their concession stand using the recipe his mother had taught him in an old copper kettle.  Lisa fell in love with popcorn got busy making Caramel, Cheese, and Cinnamon popcorn out of the back room of the Roy Theater. One such busy day Lisa found herself out of Cinnamon oil, and sent Bill to the drug store to buy sucker oil to see if it would work as a substitute to the Cinnamon oil she was using.  Sure enough, the oil was a success, and Lisa realized the potential of flavored popcorn on a bigger scale. She and Bill decided to break away from just making the popcorn in the back room of the theatre and started a stand-alone shop just for Lisa’s gourmet popcorn right next door.

One Christmas Eve, Lisa found herself staying at the shop past midnight to fill a large order (which has been a regular occurrence ever since!).  The next day she showed up for Christmas dinner with sore feet and blistered hands from the long night of cooking her popcorn by hand in the copper kettle.  She told Bill that she was done with the popcorn business for good! While she still loved popcorn and had a passion for her ideas, the work was GRUELING!  Bill, like any good father-in-law said “Don’t worry about it, if you take a week off everything will be fine!”  When Lisa returned after New Year’s, Bill had given her the priceless gift of her first electric kettle.  Lisa was back in the popcorn business, this time, for good!

In 2016, Lisa passed the popcorn business on to her son Zack and his wife Brooke who continue to make over 20 different gourmet flavors, while Lisa stays home to be a full time grandma! 2019 marks 35 years of Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn and while Lisa is no longer here every day, the shop strives to keep her standards of quality, creativity and passion in every bag we make!