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New World Distillery


At New World Distillery we focus on “Above-Top-Shelf” alcoholic beverage products that are fermented, distilled, aged and bottled on site in Eden, Utah. We are an educational facility as well as a manufacturing facility and our tours focus on the production of spirits beginning with the sourcing of raw materials to the final, finished goods consumers select off the shelf in the liquor store or our on-site package agency. We strive to do what no others are doing, always in a manner that exceeds expectations and proves that craft can and should be better than big booze.

As one of the greenest distilleries in Utah, the sustainable protection of natural resources available to us here in Eden as well as the responsibility to ensure that our rural community remains pristine is of great importance to us. We were the first commercial property in the state of Utah to subscribe to the Rocky Mountain Solar Subscriber Program and our equipment is powered in large part by renewable energy. We have a beautiful, purpose-built facility with a view to the production floor so that our commitment to transparency is front and center for all who visit.

We are the only distillery in the state of Utah working with 100% organic, Blue Agave and one of the few distilleries in the country fermenting and distilling Agave Spirits. (Fun fact: To be labeled “Tequila” the Agave Spirit must be made in the Jalisco State of Mexico; hence why our Agave base spirits are titled Agave Spirits) We work closely with a number of local, Utah farmers for our Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart Cherry Liqueur and a number of seasonal spirits we release on the Uncharted Series label. Our spirits have won many awards both nationally and internationally. Everything we put in a bottle is made in Eden, Utah and we are proud to be the only truly manufacturing distillery in Weber County. Check our website for seasonal, operational hours and our online Tours with Tastings booking calendar. Visit beautiful Ogden Valley and support local, small businesses in this very special community we are proud to call home.

Can Be Found Here:

  • New World Distillery – Eden
  • Utah Liquor Stores


This is absolutely a place not to miss when you are visiting Eden! I truly appreciate how knowledgeable Chris and Ashley are about their craft! Book a tour ! Enjoy the tasting and learn about what you are drinking! Become a spirit geek!! I am not a gin fan until I tasted their Ommaw Gin!! It’s the absolute best!! We hosted a client event and had the most amazing time. Thank you for bringing your love of spirits to the Valley!” – Brett Mccarthy, Google Review

Hands down the best distillery tour and gin I’ve ever experienced. The owners are so passionate about the products they produces. One of the best tie-bits were the tips on how to identify locally crafted spirits vs what is mass produced. Bonus! They provide excellent cocktail recipes, and their spirits are tip top-shelf. If you are in the area this is a must stop, plan to fill your liquor cabinet after one tasting.” – Sydnie Furton, Google Review

I was blown away by the products made by New World Distillery. Actually ruined me for the regular run of the mill gin…..Chris and Ashley (owners) are personable and enjoy sharing their craft with tours and tastings. We buy bottles to send to family who have enjoyed the gin over the years. And now they can order the same online! Can’t imagine a better place to be in our valley and better people to produce such great spirits!” – Dawn Lowery, Google Review

Eden, Utah

  • 4795 E 2600 N
  • Eden, Utah 84310
  • 385-244-0144

Ashley & Chris Cross

New World Distillery opened to the public in December of 2016 with only one spirit: Oomaw Gin. Oomaw Gin is a distilled gin with a botanical bill that originated from 1.5 years of R&D. Today, Oomaw is a top-selling craft gin in the state of Utah. The bottle itself is a work of art, with iconic Utah images hidden in the wings of a dragonfly. Our primary artist is a local Utahn and our commitment to local has been a guiding principle since our inception. NWD is a couple-owned, veteran-owned business with an equipment line up that speaks to the founder’s belief in the advantages of using advanced technology in his approach to create super-premium spirits. New World was the host to a number of Advanced Distilling Courses for the first three years they were open and they had the pleasure of hosting would-be-distillers from all over the world. The commitment to “craft” versus “big booze” is evident in every aspect of the distillery operations. Ashley and Chris left careers in public education and aviation respectively, and turned a longtime hobby into a business that honors the history of distillation and stands as a model to the future of distillation in terms of advanced techniques and the promotion of craft. NWD has a wide variety of uniquely crafted spirits including the Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart Cherry Liqueur, bottled at 64-proof and made with zero refined sugar. They ferment, distill and age a full line of Agave Spirits and offer one of only two known vodkas in the entire United States distilled from agave. They also release a number of seasonal and single batch products on their Uncharted Series label, including both an Eau de Vie and a Casked Apple Brandy fermented and distilled from locally-sourced apples. Their Ogden Nine Rails Bourbon Whiskey is the only whiskey in the state of Utah that is both fermented and distilled on the grain, making it an instant sell out product once it hits the shelves at the distillery in Eden. Visit this beautiful, purpose-built facility in the heart of Ogden Valley, less than one hour north of Salt Lake City. They have a warm and welcoming retail store front and tasting area as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff. They carry a number of local products to enhance your home mixology experiences and their tours have received accolades from across the state. Check the website for seasonal hours of operation.