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Peach & Beach Honey

Raw honey and flavored honey products

Welcome to Peach & Bee Honey! We specialize in a wide, seasonal selection of honey varietals curated from local and regional sources. We work with several beekeepers to bring you a wide variety of cold packed, hand bottled honey, straight from the beehive- raw and unfiltered. We invite you to taste the difference between regional honeys- from lightly floral & citrus, to dark woody & toasty.

Our special line of infused honeys are blended with pure essential oils and natural flavors to create flavors perfect for anything from cheese pairings on your charcuterie board, your morning toast, or your midnight tea. Spicy varietals are fun to try with pizza or chicken. These are a wonderful and unique gift idea for anyone.

In addition to our table-sized bottles, we also offer bulk honey in 5-pound tubs, also sold by the case. Perfect for the pantry, or long-term storage. Honey lasts virtually forever, and has wonderful nutritional qualities, making it the perfect food storage item. Bulk honey is sold out of our home in Herriman and also at Schmidt’s Greenhouse and produce stands. Wholesale ordering available for all sizes and varieties.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Peach & Bee Honey – Herriman
  • Schmidt’s Farm &  Greenhouse – West Jordan
  • Schmidt’s Farm Stands – Herriman &  Draper
  • The Kinlands – Riverton
  • Salt & Honey Market – 9th & 9th and Fashion Place
  • Salt & Honey Maker’s Market – Salt Palace


The most delicious honey for every person’s taste buds!!! My husband and teenage son LOVE the Star Thistle Honey so much that at times it is squirted directly into their mouth….no need for a vessel to muddle the flavors. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Peach Infused Honey. It is seriously the best honey I have every had! I could eat it on anything or nothing. The Cherry Honey is just the right amount of subtle cherry flavor that it hit that sweet spot. So so so delicious. I can’t wait to try every other flavor.” – Amanda, Facebook Review

Such delicious honey! I love the unique flavors, and the tubs are great quality for a great price.” – Kyle, Facebook Review

Herriman, Utah

  • 13256 S Cocomo Ct.
  • Herriman, Utah 84096
  • 801-699-4020
  • Message: peachandbeeproduce@gmail.com

Sarah McKay
Owner & Founder

Sarah McKay has always had a special place in her heart for farmers, as well as prepared living through wise food storage strategies. When the pandemic hit, she knew she had to do something to help. With shortages and uncertainty looming, she decided to team up with a local friend, offering her own friends and family the option to order bulk honey for their food storage. She began sourcing high-quality honey from local beekeepers and soon found herself with more orders than she ever expected.

As honey orders began to take off, her kids got involved, helping her fill orders and even coming up with the idea to expand the company into a roadside stand selling local produce and honey. They brainstormed names and settled on Peach and Bee Produce, a nod to their family’s love of canning local peaches and their commitment to supporting local farmers. With Sarah’s business savvy and her children’s enthusiasm, they set out to create the first produce stand in Herriman in recent history.

As Peach and Bee Produce grew, Sarah was approached by Schmidt’s Farm & Greenhouse, a local farm that shared her commitment to quality and sustainability, to expand the Schmidt’s Farm Stand presence in the area. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and soon they were selling fresh produce and honey at three locations- West Jordan, Herriman, and Draper.

Now, Sarah and her family are proud owners of two successful businesses that are making a real difference in their community (three if you count their real estate brokerage). They’ve worked hard to create a brand that stands for quality, sustainability, and community involvement, and their customers have responded with loyalty and enthusiasm. For Sarah, starting Peach and Bee Honey and Peach and Bee Produce wasn’t just a way to survive the pandemic, it was a way to create something meaningful and lasting for her family and her community.