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Proverbial Spirits

Distillers of Craft Spirits

We distill from local grains craft spirits for Gin and Rum lovers. We source local Utah corn and Malted Rye to mash and ferment into a beer that is distilled into our base spirit. It’s redistilled with botanicals to create a unique well balanced gin. Our Rum is distilled from Evaporated Cane Syrup and Caribbean Molasses to create an easy drinking rum that mixes into great cocktails. We make everything here in Utah to control the flavor profile to our high standards.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Proverbial Spirits
  • Utah Liquor Stores


Great owner! Worth stopping by. Product is made from natural ingredients, good for a very refreshing cocktail. I bought 2 and I am very satisfied!” – Carter Dansie, Google Review

Park City, Utah

  • 4175 Forestdale Drive Unit 102
  • Park City, Utah 84098
  • 435-250-4477

Steven Currie, Michael Kunde, Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger
Distiller, Sales & Marketing, Distiller

We started with the idea of a distillery that would shake up the industry, fun, playful and colorful branding with  a sense of humor, rules were meant to be broken, we like to say around here. Several years ago we started playing with recipes for our gin and rum and finally brought them to market in July of 2022.