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Rocky Mountain Bully Chews

Bully Chews Created in the American West

At Rocky Mountain Bully Chews we are proud to offer top quality Bully chews for your dog/s made from 100% USA beef. All of our products are sourced from Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Texas. They are processed proudly in a family owned plant in West Jordan, Utah, where they have been processing Bull Pizzle products for almost 25 years.

Bully Chews are made from the reproductive organ of a bull, known as a Bull Pizzle. They come in varying thicknesses & lengths to accommodate all sizes of dogs. They are healthy, single ingredient, high-protein beef chews that are 100% digestible and do not splinter like rawhide does!

Beef is a complete source of amino acids which support your dog’s muscles, brain, skin and coat, according to the AKC staff article from June, 2021. The article also points out that Bully sticks, as they are sometimes called, are a great chew option, as they are free from artificial chemicals, additives and preservatives. Tough chews are an important part of keeping your dog healthy!

In addition to Bully Chews, we also offer the following products:

Buffalo Chews, made from Buffalo Pizzle
Steer Chews, made from a castrated bull, and are much thinner than regular Bully Chews
Bully Bites, the muscle at the top of the bull pizzle
Beef Tendons
Beef Back Straps, made from the muscle along the spine of the bull
Split Elk Antler
Bull Pizzle Canes & Putters made exclusively by Ross Taylor Originals

Can Be Found Here:

  • Wheeler Farm Sunday Market
  • Wheeler Farm Easter Dog Bone Hunt
  • Wheeler Farm Dog’s Mom Day


This is the only place to get the genuine bully chew! I have been purchasing bully sticks rom other vendors for over 15 years and Rocky Mountain is the only company that backs their products and consistently has always had my fur babies’ back-couldn’t chew without them! Thank you April & Babycakes.” – M Ventura, Google Review

Millcreek, Utah

  • Millcreek, Utah 84117
  • 801-699-9777

Sue Steel

We started Rocky Mountain Bully Chews as a way to honor the legacy of my Grandfather in-law, Ross Taylor. He started Ross Taylor Originals 25 or so years ago, in West Jordan, Utah, creating unique products & gift ideas out of Bull Pizzle. A few years back he began processing the Bull Pizzle into Bully Chews and distributing to Pet Stores across the country.

We decided, in 2020, to open an online store selling Bully Chews directly to dog owners, giving them the opportunity to feel confident that they were purchasing high quality, nutritional chews for their dogs while also supporting USA sourced and processed products! We are extremely proud of the products we offer and grateful for the opportunity to serve the dog community, while honoring the ever entrepreneurial spirit of Ross Taylor!