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Italian Dressing

The recipe for Rogliano’s Italian dressing has been a family tradition since 1922. The authentic Italian tastes comes straight from the old country and is not only a delicious salad dressing, but makes a great dipping sauce, seasoning or marinade that is superb for grilling. Enjoy your meal and welcome to the family.

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Veronica & Jeff Wilson

When Veronica Wilson’s family came to the United States generations ago, they brought with them a few possessions. Luckily, included on the journey was one very valuable family recipe for dressing.

“I’ve been making dressing my entire life,” Veronica Wilson, owner of Roglianos, shares. “I would make it with my grandmother. We’d hold the ingredients, measure them out in our hands, and store it in pickle jars.”

As an adult, Wilson continued to make dressing for her own family and friends. “Friends loved it. And they would ask me for a jar for a party or because they had guests coming over for dinner. It got to the point where I was making it every week for friends.”

In exchange for the salad dressing, friends would pay Wilson with a loaf of bread, a gift card, or an invitation to lunch. Many of these offerings sat on Wilson’s kitchen counter. “And my husband asked me, wouldn’t you rather be making money? Wouldn’t you rather just have cash?”

-Alicia Cunningham, Company Week