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Rustic Tomato

Chili Sauce

Three Generations or maybe even more have perfected a timeless tradition of homemade Chili Sauce. Not the spicy ketchup, hot sauce or sirracha sauces seen today. Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce uses vine ripened tomatoes, crisp green bell peppers and fresh onions for a precise fusion with Grandma’s spices to make a versatile and mouthwatering masterpiece. We took the original, what we call Sweet & Savory, and kicked it up some notches by introducing a few other flavors- Smokey Chipotle, Sweet Heat and Habanero Heat.

It all started from Grandma’s original recipe of 100% natural, no additives, made-from-scratch chili sauce. Today, this same family recipe is the foundation for Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce and the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavors. Each brings it own distinct and unique layer of taste and heat.

Jason and Brittany Moffat own and manage the company in Draper, Utah. Started in 2016.

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Sweet Heat. I LOVE it. Dangerously good. Seriously!

Roxanne, Website Review


Draper, UT

  • 1499 Akagi Lane
  • Draper, UT 84020
  • 801.747.9065

Jason & Brittany Moffat

As long as I can remember, I would help my mom bottle fruit, tomatoes and chili sauce in the fall. The sweet and unmistakable aroma of simmering chili sauce is a memory that will never go away. About four years ago, my mom told me I was eating all of her sauce and go make my own- she did this with a smile of course! So that is what I did, I took our family recipe and worked my own harvest canning operation. It takes time and is labor intensive, yet worth it. Many friends who we shared this with wanted more and the recipe. The idea came to me to maybe manufacture and sell it. In February 2016, I began extensive research into this new venture. Four months later, we had a labeled bottle of chili sauce and our first store
shelf. Soon thereafter multiple locations in Utah had our product on their shelves.

Since this time in early 2016, we have heard many stories of how our chili sauce has brought back memories of time in the kitchen with family or great moments around
the table. We realized our chili sauce not only makes your taste buds beg for more, but creates an experience. Along with bringing back the availability of this comfort food our other goal quickly became apparent; to bring slow-cooked goodness to a
fast paced world, one moment at a time. Together our passion and focus on great taste, healthy eating and sharing the goodness, created Rustic Tomato where the company and Chili Sauce are just that good.