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Sassy Herbal

Handcrafted, Properly Formulated Hair, Skin, Bath and Body Products

We put nature back in Natural. We make small batches of our products. So that you get the most fresh product available. Hand crafted and sourced as local as possible, totally made from scratch, even our essential oil blends are from scratch. We use herbs, teas and clays to color and sometimes scent, and we use only essential oils not from an MLM.

Our Products are potent and do what they say they do. We do months of testing out our products before offering them to the public. Our products are known and loved for what we don’t put in them. And we keep them as natural as possible with COSMOS approved ingredients only. This is the highest organic Certification in the world.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Healing Essentials – North Logan


Trenton, Utah

  • Trenton, Utah 84338
  • 435-890-5970

Sarah Sherwood
Cosmetic skin and haircare formulator, master herbalist

Sarah started out making soap, and decided she needed more schooling, to understand how to properly make things from scratch. So, she became a master herbalist, and a cosmetic formulator. Sarah loves making products that are potent and work like they should, but also making them as natural as possible, with no synthetics or lab made ingredients. She has been making products for more than 18 years.