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Natural Skin Care

We are a family company; headed by two sisters with the help and support of the whole clan. Several members of our family struggle with eczema (one with psoriasis) and after frustration and lack of results prompted us to give up on conventional products, we began delving into the world of natural ingredients.  Putting together aspects of various home/folk remedies over years of study, trial and errors, resulted in the proprietary blends we now hope to bless others with.

Although we are one of many companies using only natural ingredients, we are unique in our inclusion of herbal infused oils.  We focus on the healing properties of each and every ingredient. We carefully select ingredients that not only have strong healing capabilities, but are also gentle with no known adverse reactions and rare allergic reactions.  We are so serious in our commitment to help people of all skin types that if a customer does have an allergy to one of our ingredients, we will make a custom order specifically tailored to that individual’s needs and allergies with little to no extra cost.

As  moms of young, mischievous children, we know the importance of keeping our kids safe.  Therefore, we use food-grade, non-toxic ingredients.  All of our oils and herbs were chosen specifically for this reason so, although we don’t recommend adding it to your diet, all of our products are safe to consume. Also, we make everything by hand, carefully insuring a consistent, quality product.  We choose the most natural, organic ingredients we can find.

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My daughter has eczema and it was getting worse day by day!! So katie gave me some of her magical stuff and in less than a week her skin is soooooo much better!! I love this stuff. Also my daughter was playing at the park and got a little scrapped up from a fall and didn’t even flinched when I applied it to the injured area. I swear it made it heal faster too!! I never would’ve been able to touch her with a regular lotion from the store. That would’ve stung to much!! But this stuff?? She just sat there and let me slather it on her!!

Elizabeth Ann Andersen,

Facebook Review

A week before my wedding I got a bad burn from a tanning bed all down my body, the worst on my face. I was red and started peeling all over my face and was so stressed it wouldn’t clear up before my wedding! 3 days prior to my wedding I tried a shea butter all over my face and body and it immensely cooled the burn and got rid of the peeling just in time for my wedding! I LOVE this product and HIGHLY recommend this for any sun redness or peeling/dry skin. Wasn’t irritating at all to apply and worked like a charm! Thank you Nicole and Katie for this miracle cream! 

Alyssa Kuns,

Facebook Review

My son suffers from severe eczema on several parts of his body. He gets it on his face, arms, a couple spots on his back, and his toes. But the worst of it all is behind his knees. Because he is so active he is constantly scratching at it. He was constantly bandaged up and I was finding Band-Aids everywhere because he pulled them off to scratch. I mean how could you ignore it when it’s right behind your knees. We had tried so many different products including steroids prescribed by my son’s doctor. None of them really did the trick, and the ones that did had to be applied 3-4 times a day. With this product I can apply once every other day after bath times or as break outs happen and within 12-24 hours my son’s skin is completely healed. I would and will recommend this product to anyone and everyone. They are truly miracle products.

Annie Lynn Cornaby,

Facebook Review

Eagle Mountain, UT

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Katie & Nicole
Founders & Owners

This company and product started because I am a mom who has 2 kids with severe eczema. I have tried just about everything available to help my kids. Diet and environmental changes were never enough to provide relief. We’ve done steroids and every lotion or body wash I could find to help heal them without much success. I then discovered natural remedies and salves and started making my own.

I’ve been experimenting with different herbs and formulas, perfecting the recipe to get the best results possible. I started using calendula flowers, known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. As part of the development process, I found that the key to drawing out the healing properties of these flowers is solar infusion, a time tested and recognized way of infusing oils with the healing properties of plants.

After much trial and varying levels of success, I finally developed our Healing Balm and the results were amazing! Each batch is made by hand and takes 3–4 weeks to infuse. My daughter’s feet, which had been cracked and bleeding since she was a toddler, were now soft and smooth, like a 7 year old’s feet should be. My son’s skin, which had been red, itchy, and scaly was now soft and smooth like a 3 year old’s skin should be. I started sharing the Healing Balm with my family and friends. Their results were equally impressive. After many requests I am now selling them to the public so other people like you can experience the pure joy of watching yourself or child heal!