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Shaffer Farms

Quality Fresh Produce

We offer a variety of fruits and vegetables at our stand. Most of the produce sold is grown right on our farm. Other locally grown produce is also offered. We are firm believers in “farm to fork” and only sell high quality, fresh products.

Our fruit and vegetable selection includes: sweet corn (our main squeeze), green beans, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, tomatillos, egg plant, varieties of peppers, onions, garlic, cucumbers, honey, chick peas, potatoes, apples, peaches, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

During the fall we also sell several varieties of pumpkins. Our farm hosts a fun, old-fashioned fall festival each year…complete with pumpkin picking, a straw slide, and a hay ride.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Shaffer Farms Farmstand – Garland
  • Harmons (Seasonal Green Beans)
  • Kent’s Market – Brigham City (Seasonal Sweet Corn)
  • Kent’s Market – Tremonton (Seasonal Sweet Corn)


Amazing produce! Everything is fresh and tastes great. The sweet corn and peaches are fantastic. Friendly service and good prices. Would recommend for your seasonal produce.” – Adam Smith, Google Review

Fresh local fruits & vegetables. I highly recommend.” – Janice Jalober, Google Review

This is my go to place to shop for tomatoes and fresh corn. The corn this year has been fantastic! And I have loved eating a fresh tomato each day. The price for the tomatoes is comparable to other places. The corn is a bit more but you just can’t beat the freshness. They bring it in straight from the field. I have not had a bad ear yet, it’s not old, immature and I haven’t seen a single worm or bug. I am very picky about my corn and this corn is very clean and flavorable. I highly recommend this place, it’s well worth the drive.” – Carrie Davis, Google Review

Garland, Utah

  • 15158 N 4550 W
  • Garland, Utah 84132
  • 435-279-3108

Brent Shaffer & Jeff Miller
Owners & Operators

Shaffer Farms began selling produce in 2000. At the time, all of our children were home and we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to learn to work hard and earn their own money. We planted a few rows of sweet corn and the kids picked it fresh, every morning, using the 4-wheeler and little wagon they pulled behind it.

They sold their corn, using an honor box system, for $1.00/dozen that first year. By the end of the summer, they’d each earned enough money to purchase their own skis…which they proudly did…all in one dollar bills! The pickings weren’t always pleasant. There were days the kids quit and days when they fired each other…and still today, one of our children refers to sweet corn as the “vegetable from hell.” But, they learned how to work hard, earned their own money, and saved up for something special.

Times have sure changed around our farm! However, some things remain the same…hard work, great employees, and a desire to continue to improve and share our yummy produce with our customers.

Shaffer Farms is a family-oriented farm operation founded on: honesty, integrity, hard work, and a commitment to agriculture. We are dedicated to integrating new technologies to improve productivity and profitability, maintaining and improving the land, developing strong family relationships, educating others about agriculture, and strengthening our community.