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Shirley J

Cooking Mixes

Based in Lindon, Utah, Shirley J® is a cooking and baking solutions company that creates just-add-water bases for delicious, easy food. Our products, available originally to only the food service industry, are now also available to home cooks and allow them to create quick and tasty homemade meals and snacks from our dry packaged soups, sauces, seasonings (gluten free options available) and cookies. From cream sauces, soups and gravies to scrumptious brownies and cookies, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, we can fill your pantry with healthy and tasty meal ideas that are incredibly simple. In addition, many of the Shirley J products (cream sauce base and seasonings) have excellent shelf life and so can be a part of your food storage as well!

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Bosch Kitchen Center – Orem
  • Bosch Kitchen Center – Salt Lake
  • Orson Gygi – Salt Lake
  • Spoons ‘n Spice – Salt Lake


I made mac and cheese last night at 8 pm for dinner! Thank goodness I had Universal Sauce, it was so quick and easy! All I did was cook the macaroni noodles, added about a cup of extra sharp cheese to the soup base, and voila! My kids loved it because they could control how much “cheesiness” was on their macaroni! I loved that it only took 10 minutes! I am hooked!!” Jen C, Website Review

They have the best cookie mixes around. I am a cook from scratch kind of girl, but these are amazing!!! Every time I make them, someone asks for the recipe!!” Merilee Olsen Parke, Facebook Review

My son hates soup of any kind. So normally I don’t make soup because I don’t want the argument. My mother dropped off some creamy turkey chili she made using Shirley J Original Cream Soup and Sauce Mix. I didn’t feel like making anything else that night so I gave the kids the chili. The whole time my son keep saying, “Mom, this is good! I don’t like soup but I like this!” The son that has always hated soup, slurped this chili right up! In fact, both he and my three-year old daughter finished their entire meals, which never happens! Ali H., Website Review

Lindon, UT

  • 1464 W 40 S Suite 300
  • Lindon, UT 84042
  • 801-225-5073

Don Smith

When accomplished food scientist Don Smith developed the recipe for Shirley J® Universal Sauce, in 1978, he knew he’d uncovered something miraculous. He named the company after his sweet wife Shirley J Smith, and built the Shirley J® reputation selling his innovative mixes to professionals in Restaurants, Schools, Business and Industry accounts, Hospitals and other large demanding kitchens. Entrepreneurs Kelly and Mike Olsen bought the company in 2009 bringing over 40 years of commercial food experience with them. Their passion for new and innovative products and sales has led the company in a direction that now includes several sales channels including, retail, direct to customer, institutional as well as long term food storage/private label. In late April of 2022, husband and wife team Scott and Susan Florence purchased the company from the Olsens and are now enthusiastically adding their many years sales and marketing experience to the established Shirley J sales channels, while expanding to new channels as well. With the addition of the products now available on Amazon, the new team has seen nearly 100% growth in just their first 8 months of operations in 2022!