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Small Time Farm

Growing food, flowers, and herbs to nourish and heal

At our family’s farm, is located in the little town of Fairview, Utah, but we are aiming for a big impact. We are devoted to the regeneration of the soil that feeds our plants, and to strict organic practices that protect our environment and the people who buy our crops. Our goal is to grow food and medicinal herbs that nourish and heal our bodies, as well as beautiful flowers that speak to our hearts.

We are passionate about collaborating with other local farmers and businesses in ways that lift us all up in cooperative success. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for our community to gather and feel a deeper connection, through Farm to Table events, Farmers Markets, Harvest Celebrations and cooperative labor. These are the dreams and commitments of our hearts, that we are growing steadily into reality.

Connect with Small Time farm to find seasonal produce, herbs and flowers.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Small Time Farm – Direct Orders
  • Fairview Farmer’s Market – Fairview
  • The Empowerment Center – Manti

Fairview, Utah

  • 35 S 300 E
  • Fairview, Utah 84629
  • 775-771-9399

Heidi Hodgson

My husband and I have shared a dream of building our own farm for nearly 20 years. We kept putting it off though, because other things always seemed to wind up taking priority. During a personal health trial, I faced a truly dark night of the soul as I laid in bed month after month, fearing that my children might be left motherless if I couldn’t get better. Next to that worry, my biggest emotional struggle came from a shocking grief I felt over never having pursued our dream of building our farm. I started praying and bargaining with God, that if I could get better, I wouldn’t place anything above our dream again.

It took us over a year, but we were finally able to make the move to our Pioneer Era home and one acre of land in Fairview, Utah. As the days go by, and we steadily build up our farm and our connections to this place, we feel more and more confident that our TRY will become a DO, because we really are doing it.