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Strong Vertical Gardens

Hydroponic Farm

Strong Vertical Gardens (SVG) grows hydroponically and indoors—eliminating the need to wash our produce, extending their life. That means our microgreens last 10 to 21 days in your refrigerator. The longevity, color, and flavor of our produce far exceeds any other product currently on the market. We carefully hand-harvest and pack only the finest quality produce.

SVG has the ability to meet chef and grocery store needs with our unique growing system, bringing fresh produce 365 days of the year to a market or restaurant near you.

 We pride ourselves in being a 90-percent green company utilizing only biodegradable products. Our pesticide- and herbicide-free warehouse also uses LED lights to grow our products. By using LED lighting we reduce our power usage and the need for cooling.

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Park City, UT

  • 6420 N. Business Park Loop
  • Park City, UT 84098
  • 435-640-7877

Debbie Strong

Strong Vertical Gardens started in November 2012. The owners envisioned providing local products to chefs and grocery stores while reducing the carbon footprint and providing local jobs.

Our farm is inspected annually by a third-party USDA inspector and the Utah Department of Agriculture. We work with Pro*Act and Greener Fields Together to promote sustainability. We also engage and involve farmers, distributors, foodservice operators, and retail locations in an effort to provide safer produce from seed to fork.