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Su Salsa


Su Salsa is your salsa, amazingly delicious, great on chips or your favorite dish! This is the best all natural salsa on the market. The best shelf stable salsa on the Market. The best all around blended texture with an amazing lime cilantro flavor and a hint of jalapeño that keeps you coming back for more.

Shake it, open it, pour it, eat it, and love it!!!

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“Wonderful Salsa, very good flavor and just the right amount of spice! I will certainly order this product again and refer it to all of my friends who truly enjoy the taste of a great and authentic style.” -Elliott Aanerud, Amazon Review

“Bought this at Whole Foods , Salt Lake city, utah yesterday just to try a brand of salsa I never had before and it was fantastic !!! I’m, going out again tomorrow and buying more it’s so good.” -Utah Blue, Amazon/Whole Foods Customer Review

“I purchased some of this salsa at a local supermarket and it is the best jarred salsa I have ever had. It has some really interesting notes with the lime and jalapeno. Highly recommended!”- Taylor Hauser, Amazon Review

Sandy, UT

  • Sandy, UT 84091
  • 801-637-9049

Sherry Oneida

Su Salsa is “Your Salsa” Healthy and Delicious! Great on chips or your favorite dish!

So why do we call it Su Salsa? Well here’s the story.

Sherry has been making salsa in her kitchen for many years as a family favorite recipe. Every time someone would enjoy Sherry’s salsa they would say that it was so good it should be made for everyone to enjoy.

Sherry has two sons named Steven and Jason. Steven took Spanish in school and would rush home to tell his Mom about his class and what he learned each day. He would enter the house saying, “Su Momma, Su Momma, where are you?” Su in Spanish means “Your” Sherry would say, “Here I am” and Steven would tell her all about his day. Soon after this grand entrance each day Steven began to say, “Su where are you? I’m home from school.” Sherry would smile and answer him. Over time Sherry adopted the nickname “Su” that Steven had given her. So in Sherry’s heart when you buy “Su Salsa” you are really buying “Su’s” secret recipe!

So “Su Salsa” is “Your Salsa” made especially by Sherry for you to enjoy with your family and friends, just as Sherry has done for many years.