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Tall Hat Foods

Chef's Table Brand & Co-Packer

Tall Hat Foods is part food development incubator, part food design studio, part food science laboratory – all infused with lean manufacturer prowess and savvy ingredient procurement. Tall Hat Foods began as a product solutions division of a restaurant development company designing and producing proprietary ingredients for use in our restaurants.

Our focus has become creating sauces and soups that integrate into the workings of meal replacement companies, emerging and fast-growth fast-casual restaurant companies, and direct sales food companies.

Our collective team has a lengthy track record together and consists of chefs, food scientists, business leaders, supply chain experts, and manufacturing rock stars – all focused and committed to delivering real results for our clients.

We are an SQF 8.1 Certified Manufacturer providing FDA, USDA inspected, and USDA Organic certified products.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Macey’s
  • Dan’s
  • Lin’s
  • Dick’s
  • Associated Food Stores

Lindon, Utah

  • 1374 W 200 S
  • Lindon, Utah 84042
  • 773-657-4509

Chef Kent Andersen
CEO & Owner

Tall Hat foods was founded by Kent Andersen, a Master Chef with multiple certifications from a number of prestigious culinary institutions, Worldchefs Certified Master Chef (WCMC), World Master Chef Society (WMC), American Culinary Federation- Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA), Fellow-American Academy of Chefs (AAC). That level of commitment, combined with his experience as a founder and key executive for multiple foodservice companies, gives Tall Hat Foods a unique focus and vision of what is possible.

“The company was built upon the philosophy that the operational efficiencies and financial improvements that we created for our own brands were of significant value and could be readily employed as culinary solutions for other food companies.”