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The Cow Share


Our story is simple. We want to feed our families the most healthful and high quality food. When it comes to beef, that means pasture-raised and all natural. Our beef comes straight from local farms, to a USDA inspected butcher, then into our freezers and onto our dinner tables. Because of the growth of our Cowshare community, we know the quality and source of your food is important to you too.

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Thank you CowShare for doing this!!! We need more people like your group.

Clint Atwater,

Website Review

“I received my order yesterday and am sooo pleased with it. The beef tastes amazing! I’m definitely ordering again when I run out!”

Makenzie Crump,

Website Review

Apline, UT

  • Apline, UT 84004
  • 801-210-9188

Four Utah Dads

Our story is simple and began at the dinner table. Then we took it to the farm. Now, we’re sharing it with you. We’re 4 dads who want to feed our families the highest quality real food. We created The CowShare so we could know what it is we’re eating, where it came from, and how it was raised. What started as a means to provide nutritious food for our families quickly grew to a co-op with thousands of families each sharing our commitment to family health and thoughtfully raised food.