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Van Kwartel Flavor Science

Spice Blends, Marinades & Sauces

Van Kwartel Flavor Science’s spice blends, marinades and sauces allow you to explore the complex flavors of the Caribbean cultural legacy at home in a quick and accessible way. We also embrace reusable and responsible packaging to limit our waste.

Caribbean food is the original fusion cuisine blending the culinary contributions of the African, Amerindian, European, East Indian, and Asian people that now call this area home. Our offerings are designed to add a modern twist on those traditions and allow you to explore the complex flavors of my cultural legacy in a quick and accessible way. Some of these items may not currently be part of your pantry but I hope they will become new staples for you.

Find us at the Downtown, Sugarhouse and Park Silly Farmers Markets and online.

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Salt Lake City, UT

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Tracy Price

In our aspiring-to-middle class neighborhood in The Bronx, our friends and neighbors cooking in their kitchens came from almost every country in or with a shoreline on the Caribbean Sea as well as India, China, Italy, and Ireland. For many of these families, their groceries and gardens were remarkably similar. The tomato and potato, native to the Americas was a staple in every kitchen. The tomatoes a pride of each back yard garden. Garlic, onions, olive oil and many spices were universal as well, though used in different ways.

Some of the dishes I observed and enjoyed (or spurned as kids are inclined to do) have fallen out of fashion and then returned to a heyday in recent years. Though I doubt you’ll spend hours skimming a pot of simmering pigs feet as my great grandmother did, you may enjoy bone marrow at a cutting edge restaurant as much as she did but are too busy to prepare it at home.