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Wild Valley Farms

All Natural, Innovative, Soils and Fertilizers

At Wild Valley Farms we are dedicated to helping you grow big healthy plants with: All Natural, Innovative, Soils and Fertilizers.  We specialize with organic fertilizers made from sheep wool.  Wool Pellets are the only fertilizer that retains and holds water, provides nutrients, and increases porosity.  We want to educate people on the benefits of wool and how impactful wool can be for your plants and our environment.

Our soils and composts are very rich in nutrients and 100 percent organic.  All soils and composts are made locally here in Utah.

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We’ve seen a noticeable difference in our vegetable garden this year with wool pellets and topsoil from Wild Valley Farms. Living in Morgan, I usually don’t get vegetables until around the 24th of July, but this year we seem to be about two weeks ahead of schedule. We even planted a week after Memorial Day due to cold weather and an extended vacation. My potted flowers are also looking nice. The July weather has been unusually hot, but my flowers are doing great with the wool pellets. I also used the leftover top soil in my garden for my potted flowers, and that has likely helped with the blooms. I put the dark mulch in my flower beds, and I love the contrast it provides in our front yard. Plus, Wild Valley Farms delivered everything to our house!

Wild valley farms produces wool pellets, fertilizer, and mulch through such an amazing process. They have a really cool setup.” – Eric Riddle, Google Review

Croydon, Utah

  • 2775 N. 7000 E
  • Croydon, Utah 84018
  • (435)-640-3550

Wilde Family

Have you ever worried about leaving your plants or flowers, as you leave to go on a trip?

Well a lady named Karen, came across this problem.  As her and her family were getting ready to leave on a family trip, she explained to her husband that her plants would surely die without water for the few days they would be gone.  Her husband, a sheep rancher, knew that wool absorbed water and held it.  He being creative took some extra wool that he had from shearing sheep that year and placed it around the base of Karen’s plants.  Before they left, they watered their plants, with the wool around them.  When they returned from their trip, they were astonished to see that they plants were not only alive but were flourishing.  Karen’s husband, Albert, knew that they were on to something, he soon had the properties of wool tested, and came to find out that wool is an awesome organic fertilizer.  Albert, has since produced wool in pellet form that is now sold as Nutri-Wool Pellets, a great organic fertilizer.  With being in the fertilizer business, he has since built onto his business providing new products, like composts and soils.  Wild Valley Farms is now a great, local Utah company that is driven to provide organic products to your gardens and plants.