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Bear Country Bees

Bear Country Bees is dedicated to saving the honey bee population and to helping backyard beekeepers. We aim to fix the various disease problems honey bees face by innovating hygienic beekeeping products.

Our products help beekeepers keep their honey bees alive longer, saving significant amounts of investment.

In addition to our innovative products, we supply honey, beeswax candles, and beehives, as well as provide honey bee swarm removal service, beekeeping consulting, beekeeping classes, and honey bee education.

We are also coaches to help backyard beekeepers get started and succeed in beekeeping. We can teach you how to produce honey, beeswax products, and more. Feel free to contact us anytime for help and advice!

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Awesome experience dealing with these guys. I purchased almost all my equipment from them as well as my bee packages. Not only is the equipment high quality, but they are priced very competitively.

What makes them stand out is the support they continued to give me afterwards. They always welcomed my questions in emails and over the phone and the advice they have given me has been a huge help.

Joseph Turley,

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Muddy Bees Bakery

Muddy Bees Bakery serves all of Washington County, Utah, offering freshly-baked items, including vegan and gluten free products. Come in and watch us bake your bread. While you’re here, check out our in-store beehive.

Beyond breads and sweets, we’re passionate about bees. We keep bees, teach an annual beekeeping course, and visit schools with a portable observation hive to teach youth about bees. We also sell everything you need to care for your own beehive, and we sell local, flower-fed honey, of course.

If you have bees in your meter box, call us. We specialize in humane bee removals from anywhere bees are unwanted.

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Can be found here:

    525 W State Street #7


Muddy Bee’s is the absolute best! They have the best cinnamon rolls and are making a cinnamon roll cake for my wedding. They are a local first business, and offer local honey, jam, and other products. I highly recommend that everyone checks this place out!

Kayla Dent,

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We had Muddy Bees Bread at our ward Christmas party last night and it was amazing. I just went to the shop this morning for the first time and what an awesome atmosphere great place great people!

Kathy Iverson,

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Jalapeño cheese bread was so amazing!!Wish we lived closer to this amazing bakery.

Grace Chapman,

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