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Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate handcrafts small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods with a modern American style. 

At our small factory in Heber City, Utah we are involved with the entire process because we want to ensure our values for the highest achievable quality are present every step of the way. We source some of the highest quality cacao in the world to make our chocolate.  With no added flavors, our chocolate is an authentic expression of the flavor unique to each origin. We welcome you to take the time to taste the unique and balanced flavor of our chocolate, just as we have taken the time to create it.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Heber Factory & Store – 2175 W 3000 S Suite 100 – Heber
  • Park City Cafe – 1105  Iron Horse Drive – Park City
  • Harmons
  • Whole Foods
  • Caputos


Fun little chocolate shop with lots of different flavors. They do a nice job of integrating them. Not overwhelming, still very clearly chocolate forward. Try the Coffee or Vanilla chocolate. Vanilla chocolate!! What a concept. If you’re thinking “That’s just white chocolate” surprise- it’s not. – Eric, Google Review

This is a nice little coffee and chocolate shop tucked off the main roads. We really enjoyed the hot chocolate and chocolate drinks. The chocolate bars were a great selection and very tasty. We wish there had been a schedule we could have found to come when chocolate was being made, as that would have been really cool for the kids. – Robert, Google Review

This place makes incredible chocolate, what more can I say? The Madagascar Sambirano is one of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Drinks and pastries are good too, and it’s a nice spot to hang out with a hot chocolate after a morning of cross country skiing. – Kate, Google Review

Beans & Brews

From the beginning, we’ve made it our top priority to use the finest ingredients out there. We lovingly roast every single bean, right at our headquarters in Salt Lake. Here, every recipe is tested, time and time again, till it truly hits the spot. We know that if we put extra thoughtful care in everything we make, you’ll taste the difference.

We’re not just beans people—we’re people people, too. In fact, it’s our friends and guests who have made Beans & Brews possible all these years. Our guests are our reason for getting up in the morning. We love greeting regulars with their favorite drinks, made just the way they like ‘em. And we dig getting to know newcomers and welcoming them to the Beans community. Come in for a cup, alone or with a friend, and make yourself at home. And let us know how we can make your day a little brighter—whether it’s adding extra whipped cream or it’s donating a gift basket to your little-league fundraiser. Cheers, and stop by soon.

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Where to Find Us:

Our unique specialty drinks and tasty food are offered at our coffeehouses in neighborhoods across the state. You can also find our fresh roasted coffee beans and convenient single-serve cups at your local Harmon’s Grocery stores.


Great hot chocolate, coffee is freshly ground, baristas are great, B&B is dog friendly. Espressos and fraps, pastries and bagels, muffins and sandwiches.

Carl Fako,

Google Review

Great coffee and has a nice local vibe. Way better than the national coffee chain places.

Jeff Teters,

Google Review

Great team and great coffee! The baristas are always great at suggesting great local drinks, food, and places of interest.

Jason Atwood,

Google Review

Daily Rise Coffee

Nobody likes stale coffee, so why pay for it? At Daily Rise Coffee, we produce our drinks as fresh as possible—because it’s what we like to drink ourselves. We take quality very seriously. This is why we roast our very own coffee in-house at the Daily Rise Roasting Company in Layton so we can brew it fresh just for you. In both Layton and Ogden, you need only to pull up to our drive-through window to try us out for yourself. Once you do, you’ll be looking forward to coming back.

We also offer Daily Rise Cold Brew coffee. We start with superior organic South American beans, and then we roast, brew, and bottle by hand in small batches. Our custom-modified kegs allow our Cold Brew to steep for an extended period of time. Our unique gravity-fed process through three filters allow our Cold Brew to slowly drip and extract the sweetness that sets our product apart from the competition. So try a cup of our Daily Rise fresh brewed coffee today or grab a bottle of our Cold Brew. No morning is complete without it.

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Can be found here:

Daily Rise Coffee Ogden
2865 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 774-0589
Hours: Monday – Saturday 6am to 6pm; Sunday 8am to 4pm
Daily Rise Coffee Layton
1985 W. Antelope Dr.
Layton, UT 84041
Phone (801) 774-0589
Hours: Monday – Saturday 6am to 6pm; Sunday 8am to 4pm
Daily Rise Coffee Downtown
2314 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 626-8824
Hours: Monday – Friday 6am to 6pm; Saturday 8am to 3pm; Sunday 8am to 2pm
Daily Rise Coffee Roasters
1989 W. Antelope Dr.
Layton, UT 84014
Phone: 801-825-6463
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm


Best coffee in town and beyond! As a black coffee drinker, I know how good the coffee tastes! The coffee here is delicious!

Michelle Nicholson,

Facebook Review

This was my first time there today and the coffee tastes amazing and the staff were very friendly!

Kaylynn Lee,

Facebook Review

The best coffee hands down. Super rich flavor and smooth blends. Try the black widow!!

Anne Rosenlund,

Facebook Review

Pink Elephant Coffee

Pink Elephant brings fresh, artfully-roasted coffee to its fellow Utahns. We offer carefully-sourced, high-quality, single-origin green coffee beans from individual farms and cooperatives in the coffee-growing world, from the Americas to Eastern Africa. By conscientiously choosing green coffees from small farms, micro-lots or from growers who are certified organic or Fair Trade, Pink Elephant provides more than great coffee to our friends and neighbors; we provide a sustainable livelihood for growers and their communities.

Fuel your outdoor adventures with a brewed-to-order coffee or cappuccino from the coffee shop in the upper level of Prospect on Main Street in Park City, where each shot of espresso is weight and pour over coffees are performed on a scale so every cup feels special. The shop showcases the coffee roasted just down the street on Iron Horse Drive.

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I absolutely love the coffee and cafe. Simply but impeccably presented. I have found my favorite for coffee and espresso in Park City. The pour over Ethiopian was incredible.

Alice McMahon,

Facebook Review

I loved the Columbia Chemex pour over full-bodied flavorful and prepared properly!

Janet Kane,

Facebook Review

Their coffee beans are remarkable. So full of flavor!

Erinn Cowell,

Facebook Review