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Oakdell Egg Farms

It all began with a wedding gift—more than a century ago. In 1905, Cecil Woodward’s new father-in-law sent him a gift of 10 chickens. The couple found they had a knack for raising chickens, and the flock grew and grew and grew—to what has become the largest egg laying operation in the Intermountain West.


A good part of our eggs’ great taste comes from their freshness—which is always higher when you get your eggs close to home. It’s also because we feed our hens the very best diet with as much locally produced gain as possible. All of our feed is free from antibiotics and hormones, but rich in nutrients. Flaxseed and a special marine algae enriches our Omega-3 Brown Eggs. Our organic birds enjoy a pesticide and GMO-free diet supplied by as many local farmers as possible.


Quality is one thing you can always count on from Oakdell. All of our eggs meet stringent quality control standards before packaging and delivery to the market. Our strict production sanitation and refrigeration guidelines help ensure maximum food safety for you and your family and proper care of our birds, our environment and our employees. Plus, we have several independent third-party audits, some of which are unannounced, each year to help ensure that we do what we say we do.


Eggs are an excellent, whole food source that’s loaded with one of the highest-quality proteins found in food. Plus, they’re a great source of vitamins B6, B12, D, and E, and minerals riboflavin, folate, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. These nutrients can play an important role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, and more. Oakdell Omega-3 Egg hens enjoy a diet rich in flaxseed, which has ALA Omega-3s to help reduce inflammation, and a marine algae, which boosts the DHA in the yolks—which supports brain function and eye health.

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Best eggs EVER! You can taste the freshness in every bite. Jared Anderson, Google Review

I love these eggs! They are full of color and very tasty!! Kaylee McNeill, Google Review

Christiansen Family Farm

We know how important it is for you to know where your meat is coming from.  We can proudly say that all of our cattle and pigs are raised by us, here on our farm in Fairfield.  Many meat companies source their meat and there is no real guarantee where your animal came from or how they were treated.  You can rest assured with us the animals are treated humanely and ethically and you are always welcome to visit and see where the animals live!  You won’t be disappointed!

We want you to know that when you support us you are supporting a TRUE family farm. Every one of us has a job around here. (including the little ones).  They spend their days learning the value of hard work and what it means to be a farmer.   They also love these animals and are learning what it means to treat them right and be grateful for their life and what it provides for us.

We know that locally grown, naturally fed, and humanely treated animals makes for the best meat!  You can rest assured that your animal never receives any hormones or antibiotics and is never treated poorly!  All of our animals are pastured and have plenty of space to roam.  We Believe that the combination of pig breed (genetics), premium feed, natural stress-free environment, and humane handling help create pork that is the finest available.  We also have no problem saying that we believe our beef to be the best out there! It is beautifully marbled meat that is high in omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). (and seriously delicious) We truly love the animals and enjoy the time we spend raising them.  We are grateful for the meat they provide for us and for so many families in our community.

When you buy from us you can rest assured that your animal was treated right from the day it was born to the day it lands on your plate!

The animals are also butchered locally and are aged and cut to perfection!  Items are vacuum sealed and are packaged based on popular portion size.

We know you will be happy with your purchase and are confident that you will never want to buy your meat anywhere else!  Give us a try!  You will not be disappointed!  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call!

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We’ve ordered from Christiansen Farms a couple times and have been so pleased each time. The order and pick up process is simple, and the meat is INCREDIBLE. We love that our money is supporting a local farm who treats their animals right and lets them live with plenty of space and sunshine, eating what they were meant to eat. We’ll be customers for life.” – Jana Tolman, Google Review

Best Grass Fed Beef Ever. I have purchase bulk 1/4 cow from a few different ranches and have never been happy with the flavor of the meat. Some are better than others but it has left me cautious to order large amounts. let me tell you…short of Wagyu or Kobe, this is the best beef I have had. It has none of the gamey flavor the haunts grass fed beef. It is just a pure delicious beef flavor. it is juicy with out being fatty. The roasts make amazing pot roasts and shredded beef. I highly recommend and can’t wait to support them by placing another order.” – Bill Kobylarek, Google Review

Incredible meat and value.” – Brett Davis, Google Review