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Don Julio Foods

At Don Julio Foods, our authentic Southwest style tortilla chips blend with traditional Mexican flavor and a hometown tradition of quality to go right along with it. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us delicious. That’s what makes us Don Julio.

We aren’t out to be the biggest—although to be good at what you do you have to keep pushing yourself to grow and improve. We simply want to be the best: the best manufacturer of the best Mexican food this side of, well, this side of Mexico.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a delicious history, and a promise of quality, Don Julio brings you simply the best snack foods and brands any local company could provide.

Go ahead, take a bite out of any of our products and let us know what you think. We know you’ll agree we’re deliciously different.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Associated Food Stores
  • Costco
  • Harmons
  • Lucky’s
  • Smith’s
  • Winco
  • Walmart

Clover Club

When Clover Sanders started Clover Club Foods 70 years ago, it was based on superior recipes and a homegrown philosophy for making only the best tasting product. We’re a local company who’s proud of our local roots and the inherent value of our products.

From the traditional potato chips to dips and cheese puffs, Clover Club Foods are still created with the same attention to detail that helped make us a household name decades ago. Buy local when you pick up your next bag of Clover Club potato chips.

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Can be found here: