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Fernwood Candy

George and Leah Wood had been in the grocery business in the early years of their marriage. Circumstances and events led them to open ice cream and candy stores in Utah beginning February of 1947. There came a time to decide what they would call this new adventure. George said to Leah, “Momma, would you have ever dreamed when we were newlyweds, in our little honeymoon cottage on Fern Street, near the State Capitol building, that we would someday be in the Ice Cream and Candy business?” Leah began to reminisce at that point, and replied, “Maybe we ought to call the business FERNWOOD. Fern Street was mighty sweet, and we hope that is what our business will be, and it surely would be another romantic beginning.” George smiled and then said, “FERNWOOD, hmmmmm, FERNWOOD CANDY. I like that!” And that is how it all began on February 8, 1947.

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Fernwood’s Mint Sandwiches are as yummy now as they were when I was a child!

Mikal Jellings,

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Always a nice chocolate treat at the Holidays.

Larry Magar,

Google Review

Their candy is absolutely delicious! I love the mint sandwiches and the choco dipped cream cookies are my favorite!

Kayla Robison,

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The Chocolate Conspiracy

The Chocolate Conspiracy brings joy and love through chocolate. We produces fine chocolate with amazing flavor while retaining the nutritional content.

Our 2-ounce chocolate bars feature no refined sugar and no dairy. They also have no artificial colors or flavors, and there are no harmful chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides and no fungicides. All bars are sweetened with local honey. We work closely with local beekeepers to guarantee that our chocolate bars only feature quality honey, and that the bees are being treated humanely.

We source cacao from around the world, making sure that it is non-GMO, non-hybridized, and cultivated from a combination of old-growth cacao trees and new trees that have been planted to help maintain not only the forests but the livelihoods of the farmers and harvesters.

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This is real chocolate, and it tastes unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The owner, AJ, was super friendly, and he explained to me the philosophy and process behind their chocolate. This man knows chocolate.

Renee Wilson,

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These guys really KNOW truffles! Their French toast truffle is DA BOMB. Awesome atmosphere, amazing superfood chocolate blends, and all around a stellar team of passionate, friendly, and compassionate dudes with a great sense of humor and one really cool chocolate covered vision.

Melissa Conrad,

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Best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. If you fancy yourself a chocolate lover, you must experience @The Chocolate Conspiracy.

Aimee Etzold,

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