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Rosehill Dairy

Rosehill Dairy is a local Utah company offering home delivery of milk, cheese, bread, butter and other grocery items. In addition to Skim, 1%, 2%, and whole milk, we also make our own shredded cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, chocolate milk, half and half, heavy whipping cream and seasonal dairy products such as Egg Nog. We also offer other quality food products made by local farms and producers such as eggs, bread, honey, jam, and cereal.

Rosehill Dairy milk is separated cold and low pasteurized, preserving the nutrition and flavor, a difference you can taste! All of our dairy products are hormone and antibiotic-free. We offer the ability for you to personalize delivery service with variable delivery options, no contracts and no minimum order requirement. Get Rosehill Dairy top quality products delivered right to your door, so you never run out of milk again!

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Home Delivery Available: Northern Utah (Bountiful to Richmond)
  • Salt Lake Area – Visit our sister company: Wasatch Milk
  • Orem Area


“We love Roeshill Dairy! We have had them deliver milk for the past 8+ years and there has never been a single problem…Their milk is delicious! I’m not a huge milk drinker, but if I do drink milk I want it to be good milk. My kids are big milk drinkers and they love, love, love it!” – Crystal Gerber McGuire, Google Review

“I highly recommend this service. I live in Layton and the delivery is so convenient. Absolutely great products and easy online ordering system. It has a hometown feel and I love buying local. The delivery charge is extremely reasonable. The milk is fresh and delicious, much better than what you can buy in the store. The Cream-line milk is especially delightful. I also recommend the Flapjack Drizzle and the Strawberry lemonade. The eggs are local as is the cheese (Oakdell Egg Farm from Lewiston, Utah and Gossner Cheese from Logan, Utah). Get the Colby Jack, its creamy and goes great on burgers. Rosehill Dairy easily gets 5 stars. Customer service responded to 2 of my concerns the next day and gave me no trouble. Very friendly. This service saves us money by taking care of our weekly trip to the store.” – Michael Brown, Google Review

Ruby Snap

RubySnap makes the most amazing fresh cookies in the Northern Hemisphere. While they taste impeccable and come in hip flavors, they’re made with absolutely no preservatives, no shortenings and fresh fruit and vegetables. Our cookies are real good because they’re real. We dare you to come in and fall in love.

Our philosophy is simple: if it isn’t wonderful, it shouldn’t ever touch your lips. It’s a cardinal sin to add any unnatural ingredient that would compromise the goodness of our cookies. We use the finest ingredients, from our selection of eggs and dairy down to our choice of high quality chocolates and premium fruits and nuts.

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Can be found here:



Absolutely the best cookies in Salt Lake. It doesn’t get better than Ruby Snap. I love that you can sample all the cookies you want and that they have cookies that change every month. The best part is that this place hasn’t dropped in quality as it has gotten more popular. I love Ruby Snap.

Quinn Moreland,

Google Review

Hands down the best cookies ever and you can buy the dough and bake them fresh if you prefer. Their unique natural ingredients make these one of a kind delicious!

Melinda Johnson,

Google Review

Amazing cookies! Best I have ever had. Lots of variety in flavors.

Daniel Hills

Google Review