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Big Bite Breads

At Big Bite Breads, we specialize in premium cinnamon rolls. We have the perfect blend of soft quality bread and delicious cinnamon/sugar spices, all topped with rich creamy frosting. Along with fantastic cinnamon rolls, we also make other flavors of sweet rolls, including orange, dulce de leche, and raspberry with cream cheese frosting plus several more seasonal flavors!

Big Bite Breads sweet rolls are perfect for restaurants that want to serve cinnamon rolls that are a cut above the rest. A quality cinnamon roll is a rare find that will keep customers coming back for more. When you include our rolls on your menu, you build a reputation of serving only the best.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Twisted Sugar
  • Dee’s Family Restaurant 2100 S. Redwood Road SLC
  • Dee’s Family Restaurant 4700 S. Redwood Road SLC
  • Anniversary Inn
  • Randall Brothers (RB’s) Gas Stations in WX, Centerville, Layton
  • LDS Hospital—The Grove Café


“The best rolls ever! I’m a baker but sometimes I just need a little extra time so I order rolls from best bites and everyone still thinks I made them😊! They are homemade and just as good as my homemade rolls! Cinnamon rolls and Sunday dinner rolls! I even ordered the Parker rolls this year for Thanksgiving saving me so much time!” – Christine Smoot, Google Review

“If you want to know what magic tastes like, have one of the rolls! I have tried every kind and they are all so good!” – Becca Groberg, Google Review

“Truly delicious! I’ve tried their cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. So yummy! And I love that I can put in an order when I have a family gathering. Do yourself a favor and buy some rolls from big bites!” Catherine Dean, Google Review

Salt City Baking Company

We create and deliver the highest quality, handcrafted bread products to restaurants, diners, deli’s, coffee shops, food trucks, and other food establishments. Our bakery produces a wide variety of products from hamburger buns, and hoagies to sliced bread and specialty baguettes.

Our focus is quality – we select high quality ingredients from local sources, use traditional methods and old world recipes to handcraft the best baked goods in Utah! Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’d love to work with you to find the right fit bread products for you.

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Can be found here:

    60 East Gordon Avenue


Service is amazing, the bread is outstanding. Get in my tummy now, yummy bread!

Charity Carter,

Facebook Review

The best tasting bread you will buy! And to make it even better it’s just as cheap as the nasty stuff from the grocery store when you account for the size of their loaves. Their customer service is fantastic as well.

Jessica Hooley,

Facebook Review

My family has loved everything we have tried from Salt City Baking but our favorite is for sure the sourdough bread. It is delicious!

Jennifer Kay,

Facebook Review

Stone Ground Bakery

No doubt you’ve tasted Stone Ground Bakery’s breads at your favorite restaurant in the Salt Lake City area. You’ll recognize the fresh taste and traditional goodness. From 1-inch thick Texas toast to rye swirl to the perfect Brat bun, we make traditional breads from local ingredients. Every product is made from scratch. That’s why each one has the perfect texture, smell and taste.

Our locally-milled grain comes from farms in Utah, Idaho and Montana. We do our best to ensure all possible raw ingredients are purchased from Utah companies. Then, we hand-make bread the traditional way, like ciabatta made with pure olive oil and a 3-hour fermentation time.

Now you can buy restaurant-quality, made-from scratch breads for your home. Boost your BLT with fresh bread from our retail bakery outlet in Salt Lake City.

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Can be found here:

    1025 South 700 West


Their buns are so delicious! We will definitely use them again!

Nichole Solt,

Facebook Review

Best bread in the world! Whenever you eat at a local restaurant and take a fond liking of the bread they use they are more than likely using Stone Ground.

Brandon Burk,

Facebook Review

 It was so good. Looking forward to trying other types also.

Doug Fonua,

Facebook Review